Horse Love 101

by Cheyenne
(Roanake )

Well all my life horses have been my fave animal. I started riding horses when I was 3. I learned on two great horses. One was this white pony named Mota (I don't really know how to spell her name), the other one is this beautiful Appaloosa named Smokey. I still ride him to this day. But Mota has athoridese in her right front leg.

I also rode this amazing pitch black quarter Arabian horse named Cody. They belong to my great friend Rosey. She is the one who taught me how to ride. Now, I have my own horse. He is a brown and white quarter horse. His name is Fizzle.

And you know what? All I read is horse books and I have many horse posters. I just love horses and I could talk about horses. As you can see, I am very horse crazy.

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