Horse Journals: Shadow

by Horse Lover
(USA, Kansas)

Chapter 1: New life

Shadow was a wild Mustang that lived with his mother, father, and the rest of the herd. He was a true Spanish Mustang, he had the same gorgeous dun coat with a black mane and tail, he also had the small dished head and long slender legs of his Arabian ancestors but the most unique thing about him was the zebra stripes on his legs.

His life all began one spring morning in April. It was a cold, windy, rainy morning when his mother a beautiful dappled palomino, went into labor, she knew she didn’t want to be with the herd so she broke away and trotted off unnoticed, she cam to a ridge and there was a cave she lifted her head high and sniffed the air for danger. She didn’t smell anything, so she walked into the cave and lied down.

The next morning the dun colt was prancing around the cave, he had already gotten the hang off walking and his mother was ready to head back to the herd where it was safe, ”Come little one, it is time to go meet the herd,” said Daisy (Shadow’s Mom) gently.

“Where’s that Mommy?” asked Shadow. “You’ll see,” replied Daisy, and with that she headed off at a brisk trot. Shadow stayed close beside his mother.

That afternoon, Shadow and Daisy topped a rise and there below them, was the herd grazing peacefully in a valley. Shadow looked around taking in his surroundings. The valley was covered in green grass that was up to his chest, and there in the back was a grove of trees, there were cottonwoods, sycamores, oaks, elms, maples, and a variety of other trees, Shadow saw a few apple trees too, there was also a stream with clear blue water running through the valley. Then Shadow noticed a knoll and on top of it was a gorgeous black stallion.

He was tall and alert, his coat shone in the sun and when he tossed his head his mane shimmered. Daisy whinnied in his direction, the stallion returned them with a neigh and trotted down the knoll through the herd, across the stream and over to where Shadow and Daisy stood. He sniffed Daisy over to make sure she wasn’t a stranger then he began to sniff Shadow.

Shadow cowered behind Daisy, but Daisy sensed his fear and lay her ears back and bared her teeth at the stallion, in a warning that said, Leave us alone or Get away! The stallion snorted and trotted away back to his knoll, Shadow stared in surprise at his Mom.

Shadow and Daisy trotted down over to the stream, Daisy splashed across it but Shadow didn’t like the cold, wet feeling, he snorted and gave the biggest leap he could muster and he landed right in the middle of the stream, he splashed around and whinnied in fright, but he struggled so much that he fell over, ”Calm down, Shadow,” said his mother who was already in the stream standing beside him, ”Just stand up and walk out.”

Shadow did as he was told and he was soon out of the stream but he was wet, cold and trembling all over. Daisy led him over to a place away from the herd and licked him dry, then she took him over to the herd to meet everyone.

To be continued... Chapter 2: Meeting the Herd...

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Nov 18, 2012
Beautiful Story
by: Anonymous

The story is beautiful! I love it!

Mar 30, 2012
I REALLY like this!!!
by: Katie

I love this story! you have a lot of talent! please part 2, 3, 4, 5...!! :)

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