Horse Isle...

by Bree
(United States)

I truly think horse isle is addicting at first, but when you've been in the act for a while now, it's quite boring!

But the only problem I had was that, to make money you had to do boring stuff? Like quests, and especially mining diamonds...

Overall, though, it's a good game.

Tips you may need to know:
F7, F8, can be used as picking up items and when your horse bucks you off, you can try both of them (because i forgot which one it is) and it'll hop you right back on your horse. And if your out item-searching press one and it'll pick up your items for you.
A good way to make money: make daisy hay. Get a pitchfork and get 50 hay bales, and get 50 bunches of daisy, and turn them into daisy hay by crafting them. you get $900 per daisy hay.
What you can to make AWESOME MONEY (but its quite slow) is find cheap horses, and max them out. It's not hard it's just you need money (because a training session is 1k ($1,000) per horse.

Hope this helps! and have fun on horse isle!

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