Horse Isle rocks!! -YogurtBunny, Cremello and Brown server.

by *|*|*YogurtBunny*|*|*
(|United States of America|)

I think horse Rocks!! Its so addicting tho. My Mom and my Aunt play the game also. My mom is BlueOx on the Chestnut server and my Aunt is MissingPig on the Grey server. I am YogurtBunny on Cremello or Brown server.

In horse Isle most people are friendly, Then there is the other people who should have never joined horse isle. Some people just don't belong to horse isle All I do is play and do quests. I don't talk much on Cremello server and on Brown I am a talk-a-holic!lol!

I like my horses on Horse Isle. I like to Chat with friends but on cremello I have no buddies. :( But all I do is really quest on cremello and RP on Brown lol! I just saying if your a horse fan go to HorseIsle.Com right now!I think you will love it.

On cremello I have a great life and I earn money so fast! I gave my horses familys! My first ever Family of horses was King Sabinoe, Queen Matala and lily their daughter! Its so cute! You have to see! So go to Right Now!

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