Horse Isle is The BEST!

by Myponypook
(horse isle)

You're right it does get you hooked! It is my favorite game ever! You ride around as people and your horse. (any kind)

You can do really fun quests and meet a lot of cool people! I have been playing for maybe a year or so now and I love it!

You can enter competitions like jumping, dressage, draft and racing! It also teaches you A LOT about horses. There's games that teach you the parts of a horse, cool! Quests unlock certain isles that you can explore. You also get rewarded when you finish that quest for the town's resident. You can get money from quests, selling stuff from the shore and other land forms.

For the new members 1 of my buds and I have a club that helps the new members get a horse and tack. people donate stuff to us, while we donate to the new members.

Speaking of buds, when you make buddies, it allows u yo talk to them in a private chat, and u can play a quick and fun game of tag! S

o u get the point, I think horseisle is the most awesome game ever! If u join ask a mod or me to help u... i am Myponypook..

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