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My little boy!! 
Butch he loves grazing in the meadow.Isn't he so cute!!My dad got him for my 8th b-day.He has been a doll ever since.

Me and Lady J 
This is my pony, Lady J. She is 8 years old and she is a POA and she has a snowflake pattern. She rides english and western, but mostly western. =)

our last jump in our show hunter class was the one that I finaly fely our bond together and I actualy got to find out that soaring over jumps and winning …

Me and Max 
This is a pic of me riding my friends horse max. max is a 5 year old appendix (thoroughbred/quarter horse) he is a dressage horse, and will hopefully be …

He is a ap/qh.

this is my favorite breyer horse in the whole world

i have a choclate & white paint colt with one blue eye named that,hes the Most beautiful horse ever and its an indian tribe And dont all indians love them …

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