Horse Girl

by AHorseLovingGirl

Part One

The accident. The day that changed just about everything including my love of horses. But she stood with me. Stood to the very end. Never letting go. Staying beside me. Loving. Obeying. Forever.

"Star, I love you. Thanks for staying with me. Even when I'm not in the best mood." I said to my horse, White Star. She nickered in return.

I named my horse White Star because she is the star of my life, well, after Mom died a year earlier. And she is white, well, technically gray but she looks white. She is just a beautiful horse - an Arabian.

Arabians are my favorite breed. So she is my dream horse.

"Mia! We've got to get going now!" Emily, my sister, called from the truck. I said bye to Star and hopped into the truck.

"Dad wasn't going to wait much longer... you're welcome." Emily whispered to me after I buckled my seat belt. I smiled and stared out the window seeing all the farms flying past.

I looked out closely and saw a horse and rider. They weren't doing so good. I cringed as I saw the rider kick the horse real hard. The horse galloped away so fast. I just wanted to give that rider a piece of my mind! That is not how you treat a horse! Then the sight was gone. But I could never get my mind off of it. Any horse being treated that way was wrong.

Disturbing my thoughts, Emily jumped up and said, "We're here!"

Emily is the exact opposite of me. She was eager and ready for anything. Not that I wasn't ready for anything but I was ALWAYS ready for horses. Just not anything. She is a year younger than me, she has shoulder length wavy hair, and I have long, straight hair. And she is more of a girly girl than I am. I don't really care about the way I look for the most part. Only sometimes I REALLY care.

I looked out the window and saw the animal shelter. We were going to get a new dog! Although I wanted a horse, we had to compromise, and a dog was my only other choice. It looked as if Emily was going to burst with excitement. As for me? Well, I'm not as excited as her, that's for sure.

"Lets go find a dog!" Dad said with enthusiasm. I shrugged as we walked in. The only thing I thought of was horses. And my family knew it. They would talk about something, I would relate it to horses. Kind of like what Mom did. Only she understood me.

I tell Dad all the time that we have the space for a horse and that I could take care of him, but he still says no. We just recently got rid of our horses. Mom used to gentle horses. I helped her do it. I miss those days...

"Ooh...Mia! Look at this pretty girl!" Emily said and pointed to a young chocolate lab.

"I guess he'll do." I said with a shrug.

"So can we get him dad? Please?!" Emily pleaded.

"Okay. We'll get this one. But what will you name him?" Dad said.

I scanned through my favorite horse names... "How about Nutmeg?" I suggested.

"Nah. That's too much of a horse name." Emily put that name to the side.

"Not really.." I thought when Emily found the perfect name for him.

"I got it! Hershey! That will be his name!" Emily said without asking if I liked the name.

"Okay. I like it!" I said in agreement. Now back to horses...

If you have ever read the series, "Winnie The Horse Gentler", you will like this story!

Part Two

As we drove home, I didn't really pay attention to Hershey at all, although he kept trying to get up onto me. I just stared out the window until we came up to the horse and rider again.

They were doing even worse than before. The rider had taken out a whip and started whipping the horse. I cringed every time he whipped that poor horse. Then I thought, "What would Mom do if she saw that?" I knew what she'd do. She would pull over and walk over to that person and tell him what he shouldn't be doing, instead, telling him what he should be doing. She would demonstrate what not to do then what to do.

I wanted to do that so bad but dad was in a good mood and I didn't want to risk it. He said he that I reminded him of Mom, but then again, Emily reminds him of Mom too.

After a while, we pulled into the driveway. By now I had totally forgotten about Hershey. Emily picked him up and brought him inside.

"Emily, wait! He's an outside dog, he doesn't come in with us." Dad said before Emily reached the door.

"But Dad!!" Emily said. "He'll get lonely!"

Dad looked at me, then back to Emily. "Mia's out here all the time!" He said.

"But she's always with her horse! I want an animal!" Emily complained.

"Well then stay outside more." Dad said. You could tell in his voice that this was decided.

Then I ran to the pasture. I saw Star trot over to me. She's the only horse we kept after getting rid of the rest. "Hey girl! It's nice to see you! Too bad I won't be able to stay with you as long. School's starting tomorrow!" I said. She was just staring at my hand in my pocket.

"I don't have any treats now girl! Sorry!"

Just then, the horse and rider that we drove by rode by. I looked and saw a beautiful Bay Morgan. There was a guy around my age riding. He struggled to keep going. Soon, he was out of sight.

"Don't worry, Star. I would never do that to you!" I said to Star, who was looking right at me.

"Mia!! Time for dinner!!" Emily yelled.

I sighed and walked towards the house. When I came in, she had dinner all cooked and served.

"Yum! I'm starving!" I said as I sat down.

Emily soon started a conversation with Dad. I just sat there listening. I thought about the Morgan. I wanted to help that horse so bad!

"Right Mia?" Emily said and looked at me.

"What? Oh. Yeah." I said. Then she turned back to Dad and kept going.

Soon, everyone was done so I went up to my room. Me and Emily shared a room. We both had a loft bed. My side was all cluttered beneath my bed. Her's was all neat and tidy. I'm not the cleaning type so mine was always like this.

"Mia! What are you wearing for the first day of school tomorrow?!" Emily asked excitedly.

I shrugged and said, "I don't know."

"Then I'll pick out what you're wearing!" Emily replied. She then started digging through my clothes to find "the perfect thing".

I looked out my window and saw Star peacefully grazing. I stared for a while, until Emily suddenly said, "I found the perfect thing, Mia!" She picked up a pair of skinny jeans and a T-shirt with a horse on it.

"Only this once, alright?!" I said. I hated skinny jeans. But I'll make an acceptation this once. Skinny jeans are uncomfortable to ride in which is the main reason I don't like them.

After a while, I fell asleep, not knowing how it'll go tomorrow. First day in a new school? Not my kind of thing. Emily is so excited. Not me.

Part Three

I woke up the next morning and fed Star. She nickered when she saw me coming.

"Hey girl! I'll be leaving soon but I'll see you in a while! We can ride right when I get back, alright?" I said.

Then Dad called me in, "Mia! Breakfast is ready!"

I went inside and smelled bacon. "Mmm!" I said and sat down. I stabbed some pancakes with my fork and set them on my plate. I tried to start a conversation, but Emily already had.

"I am so excited for school today! I'm gonna make some new friends, and learn new things!" Emily said to Dad.

"Mia... I saw that you were wearing skinny jeans?" Dad said surprised.

"Yes. I'm only doing it this once. Emily picked it out." I answered, then stuffed a big bite of pancakes in my mouth, not wanting to talk.

Once everyone was done, me and Emily rode our bikes to school together.

"Bye Dad! See you after school!" Emily called.

"Yeah! Bye Dad!" I called after. Dad waved and drove off.

Soon, we made it to the school. I got off my bike and locked it then walked inside.

"At least you're not late on the first day of school!" Emily said.

"Yeah. Bye. See you after school." I said while walking off.

I walked into the 7th grade English room, which was my first subject.

"Okay class! Listen up!" Our teacher said. "I'm your English teacher, Mrs. Hartford. And it looks like we have a few new students this year! I would like all the new students to introduce themselves. Who will be first?" Mrs. Hartford said.

A girl in the back that I never noticed before raised her hand. "Say your name and.. your birthday." Mrs. Hartford said.

"I'm Ally and my birthday is May 10th." Ally said.

Then I guess I was the only other one so I raised my hand. "I'm Mia and my birthday is April 4th." I said.

"Is that all?" Mrs. Hartford said. Then some guy in the second row raised his hand.


Then I started thinking about that horse. "That beautiful Morgan..." I thought. I looked back and thought I recognized someone... it was him! The guy that was riding that beautiful horse!

"Note to self, Talk to that guy." I thought.

Soon, English was just about over. I haven't even talked to one single person by lunch. I saw Emily talking with a group of friends. Wait. She WAS part of that group of friends.

As I waited in the lunch line, someone behind me said, "Hi! So you're new here too?" I knew who it was. It was Ally.

I turned around and said, "Yeah, I am."

"I couldn't help but noticing.. do you like horses? I saw your shirt in English." Ally said.

"Yes! I love horses!"I almost squealed.

"I do too! I haven't found anybody yet that likes or loves horses yet. It's good to know I'm not the only one!" She said.

After we made it through the lunch line, we sat down together.

"I used to gentle horses with my mom but.. she died in a car accident." I said looking down.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Ally said.

"Anyway, do you own any horses?" I asked.

"No, sadly. But I do love them anyway. I ride at Horse Haven Stables." She explained.

"I have one horse named White Star and I took lessons when I was young with my mom." I said.

Soon lunch was over and we went to two different classes.


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Dec 31, 2016
by: AHorseLovingGirl

I love our writing too!

Dec 10, 2016
by: hoofbeats10

I love our writing!

Nov 29, 2016
by: Hoofbeats

Thanks so much!

Nov 21, 2016
by: AHorseLovingGirl

That's so awesome hoofbeats!!! I'm so glad my story was an inspiration!! Once again, I'd LOVE to read whatever you have for your story! I loved reading Winnie The Horse Gentler, and I loved writing this, so your story must be AMAZING! :D

Nov 20, 2016
by: hoofbeats

Thanks so much! And yes, I really hope that I can post my story on this website! Guess what? You inspired me to write my story... so thanks so much for writing it!

Nov 18, 2016
Horse Girl - Part 6
by: AHorseLovingGirl

After Josh's horse coming to my stable, many other people brought their horse here. Josh really did get us some business! I am working on my most recent horse now, Top Speed. This big girl WAS fast, I do have to admit, but somehow, I feel the name doesn't fit her.

"Mia! Guess what?!" Emily bolts out the front door and runs up next to me.

"Huh?" I ask.

"Spring break is TOMORROW!! No school for an entire week! Isn't that sweet?! I can work on my end of the year science project during this time! Oh and I can do--"

"Emily! Slow down! I can barely understand you! All I heard was the words, 'Spring break' and that is IT!" I have to stop her mid-sentence.

"Oh, sorry! Okay, so since it is Spring break, I have time to make my end of the year science project, and then I also have time to practice playing my violin for music class!" She exclaims.

Now that was MUCH better.

"Okay. That's cool. Now I have to get working with Speed, so will you excuse me?" I say in some proper voice. Don't ask why, it's just the "thing" for the week.

"Oh, alright, Mia! Good luck!" Her voice fades as she approaches the house.

"Here we go!" I whisper as I pass Star's stall. I walk over to the bay Thoroughbred and bring her out. She nickers and follows obediently.

"What's wrong with you, girl? No offense, but your owner said you were overweight, and won't listen to them much anymore." I check her out. Nope. Nothing. Mom would have known. A surge of anger rushes through my body.

"Why can't I be like mom?!!" I yell inside my head. "Why can't a figure these things out?!!" I sigh, and check again. This time, still nothing. I walked her around the arena and she was listening, tried a trot, a bit harder, and every gait got harder each time.

"I'm calling the vet." I tell Speed. I tie her to the fence post and go to the house.

"What'cha doing, Mia?" Emily asks from the couch.

"Calling the vet. I can't figure out what's wrong with Speed." I dial the number, and find out that the vet will be here within 10 minutes. Now that is awesome.

"Here she is!" I tell the vet.

"She sure is a beauty!" He exclaims. I smile, she was a beautiful horse. He looks her over, and finds out something I never expected.

"She's pregnant!" What. Did. He. Just. Say.


"Yup! It's a girl!" He says. I break out a smile. She's pregnant!

"Great, now I can call the owner and tell them she's pregnant." We say our goodbyes and I run to the house.

"Yes?" A voice on the other end of the line says.

"Well, Top Speed, the reason why she's been acting funny is because she's pregnant - and close." I say. I hear a laugh.

"What? That's awesome! We never thought she would get pregnant, and she is! I'll come over to pick her up the afternoon." She says over the line. I hang up and run back out to get Speed ready to go home.

This is one of the stories of my gentling horses. Top Speed had a bright, healthy baby. They named her Star of The Show. I can see why in that case. They now call her "Star" for short, just like my horse. Now that it is Spring Break, more customers have come in with their horses. Now we're talking business! I will continue doing this for as long as I can, just like my mom. Bring on another horse!


Hope you enjoyed! This is my very final one, and hoofbeats, I'd love to read your story if you ever post it on a website like this one! :)

Thanks for reading!

Nov 17, 2016
I LOVE it!!!
by: Hoofbeats

Yes, please write more!!! I am writing a story but I'm still working on it (it is also inspired by Winnie The Horse Gentler).

Nov 02, 2016
Okay, okay! :)
by: AHorseLovingGirl

Yes, I will write a sequel then. I'm even excited for it. I am SO glad you like it, hoofbeats!! I didn't think that people would read it anymore! :) <3

Oct 26, 2016
more please!!!
by: hoofbeats

Could you please write more? I LOVE it!

Oct 19, 2016
Horse Girl - Part 5
by: AHorseLovingGirl

Hey girls! I've been busy, so haven't posted in a while. Part 5 is HERE!!

I woke up the next morning, feeling amazing. Why? I really don't know. It was just great. I went out to do barn chores, and had a bit of time to work with Eager Storm.

"Hey boy." I said softly.

He nickered and came forward. I guess I wasn't the only one in a good mood!

"You hungry?" I say, and he nudges the bucket of food. I smile and give it to him. I want him to be mine, not Josh's. He just isn't into horses. Obviously.

"Mia! Dad's driving us today! Hurry up!" Emily calls, and I run to the house. I grab my bags and run back out the door and into the truck.

"Hello, Dad." I say sweetly, although it sounded like I was trying to get something out of him.

"Hello, Mia." He answers. I smile inside and buckle my seat belt. Here we go!

We soon pulled into the school parking lot, and we are 2 minutes early. We say bye to dad, and run to the door. But, someone stops me before I can go in.

"Done with my horse yet?" Josh asks. I groan and turn around.

"I just got Storm yesterday!" I say, and he looked surprised when I said that.

"Storm?" I totally forgot. "It's short for "Eager Storm". I said, and he laughed.

"Eager Storm?? What kind of name is that?" Josh says, and I roll my eyes.

"What's his name then?" I finally say, after all his laughing. And it was fake laughing. Not real.

"Charlie! It's Charlie! I hated that name. Who would name a horse CHARLIE?" He told me.

I didn't think it was half bad, but I liked Eager Storm more. "So which one will it be, Eager Storm, or Charlie?" I ask.

He immediately says "Eager Storm" and I get excited. I loved that name. And I loved that horse, too.

"See ya horse girl!"

I frown and say, "See you tough boy." What? I couldn't think of anything else!

"Pathetic." He mutters, but I can hear. I laughed at that one. It WAS pathetic. The bell rings and I run to class. English. First, again.

I went through many classes without seeing Ally, and not until lunch is when I do.

"Hey Ally!" I say.

"Hi Mia! This is Emma, my friend." She answers. Ally sits next to me, with Emma next to her.

"Hi." I say softly to Emma.

"You can call me Em." She says.

"Well you can call me Mia!" Then we all laugh. That was stupid, but funny. Don't ask why. All day my thoughts kept drifting back to Storm. How was he doing? What was he doing? Did he need me? Well I soon found out after school.

After running back home, I went straight to Storm, almost tripping over Hershey along the way. I looked in his stall, there he was, munching on some hay. I led both him and Star into the pasture. It's great they both get along.

I started working on his trust and confidence. He was doing super amazingly good today! Just as I was in the morning, though after seeing Josh, my whole day turned into a joke.

I gave Storm a carrot, as that is his favorite treat. I patted him and the shoulder, just as I heard a car pull in. It was Josh, and his dad I think.

Josh got out and the car left, leaving me with him. "Are you gonna ride him?" He yells. I wait until he climbs over the fence.

"You want me to?" I ask, and he nods.

"Bareback." He said quietly. I nod and have a boost of confidence once I swing up onto Storm's back. I ride him around the arena, leaving Josh's jaw dropped.

"W-what?!" He stutters.

"He just needed some care and a confidence boost! And you're not the caring type, so I get it all now." I say as I jump off his back.

"What else are you supposed to do with a horse?" I thought for a second.

"Well," I started. "You needed to spend time with him, reassure him plenty of times, and not KICK him so hard!" I finish with a toss of my hair. He rolls his eyes.

"He won't MOVE!" Josh said. "Because you didn't care or reassure him enough and have a relationship with this horse! He didn't trust you!" I defend this beautiful creature.

"Oh..." He says, and I smile. I guess my work here is done! (Oh, and after all this, I can tell he likes me.) :)

Thank you for reading Horse Girl! Hope you enjoyed! I know it's such a sudden stop, but it was great while it lasted. Thank you once again!

Oct 18, 2016
by: hoofbeats

I love it! I will be waiting to see the other parts!!!

Sep 15, 2016
Horse Girl - Part 4
by: AHorseLovingGirl

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Here's part 4!

I saw Josh turn to Dad.

"Well?" Dad asked. "She better "gentle" this bad horse of mine in only 5 days." Josh told him.

"5 days?! I can do that! Easy!" I thought. I dismounted Star and came back over to Dad and Josh who were still talking.

"I am telling you right now! He's a bad horse!" Josh was saying.

I had to break in. "Are you sure that the horse is bad? What if it's the RIDER?" He looked at me.

"It's obviously the horse. I am a great rider. I deserve a great horse." He said to me. Josh then started walking away, since he couldn't ride his horse back.

"Want a ride?" Dad asked.

"No." Josh replied and kept on walking.

"Are you sure you can do this Mia?" Dad asked me.

"Of course I can!" I answered. Wait, what is the horse's name? How about... Eager Storm. Yeah! She - I mean he, is as eager as a storm!

"Mia?" Dad said.

"What? Oh, sorry. I better get to working with Eager Storm." I said.

"Eager.. Storm?" Dad looked confused. "That horse doesn't have a name!" He told me.

"Well, now he does!" I simply answered. I know that I can gentle this horse. Easy!

I went out into the pasture where I let Eager Storm graze. Star wasn't out, so I let her come into the pasture too. "Come on girl! Come meet our guest!" I said. She trotted over and Storm backed away. I got out the lead rope and attached it to him. "It's alright, boy! See? She's just trying to be friends!" I said.

He calmed down a bit so I took off the lead rope. He stayed put. Then Star took a step forward and Storm backed away again. If there's one thing this horse needs, it's confidence. And trust, so that Josh can ride him.

At least I wasn't working with a horse that wasn't broke. So I placed a saddle on his back, and saw how he reacted. Storm was a bit unsteady. He knew what was coming. "Don't worry. I'm not riding you today. It's getting late." I stroked him and said. I worked with him a little more, then I was done. He did pretty well today. But, still had some more work.

"Mia! Time to come in now!" Emily called from the fence. I sighed. I didn't get to ride Star at all, well, only for the demonstration for Josh. But that wasn't even a true ride.

"Mia!" Emily called again.

"I'm coming!" I yelled back. I ran inside. Then I forgot. School. Tomorrow. "Ugh." Was my only thought. I guess it wouldn't be so bad with Ally. But still, ugh.

Part 5 coming!! <3

Sep 05, 2016
Please more!
by: claudiahorselovr

I want more!

Sep 03, 2016
Thank you!
by: AHorseLovingGirl

Thanks Claudia! I enjoyed your story too! It's so good! And BlueRoan, thank you too! I loved your story also! :)

Sep 02, 2016
Horse Girl - Part 3 continued (second half)
by: AHorseLovingGirl

See story submission for first half of Part 3

I didn't realize it at first but I was walking behind the guy that owns the Morgan! I just couldn't tell him yet. It was too awkward. But I didn't say a thing the rest of the day.

"Hey! Do you ride the bus?" Ally asked after school.

"Nope. I rode my bike here." I answered.

Just then, the "popular" group walked past. And I saw that guy in the group too!

"Oh, Josh, that is too funny!" I heard the most popular one there, Emma, say. Then I saw that she was talking to the guy who owned the Morgan! His name was Josh.. okay. That makes it a little easier.

I rode my bike home after that.

Once I reached the house, Josh rode in on his Morgan! "Hey, does a man named John live here?" He asked while dismounting.

"Yes. I'll go get him." I said without looking right into his face. I got Dad and then we both walked out together.

I was about to walk into the barn when Dad said to me, "Stay here." I looked at him. He just looked away to Josh.

"So.. Who is this "horse gentler"?" Josh asked.

Then Dad looked at me and said, "Right here." I was surprised when he said that. He has never really seen me gentle a horse before. But he has seen the finished result. I gentled Star too. She used to be more wild. But now, she's a sweet, kind horse. I gulped and forced a smile. Josh looked at me.

"Her? No. I'm not having a little girl gentle my horse. I thought you meant an adult!" Josh said.

"No! I can gentle a horse! I gentled my horse Star! She used to be wild and kicked! But now look at her! She's calm!" I said and pointed to the pasture where Star was grazing peacefully. She looked up and saw me. Then, ran over. She nickered. Then I walked over to her and got on her back. No saddle. I rode her around the pasture to prove what I could do.

That's all for now... Part 4 coming soon!! :)

Sep 01, 2016
I love it! The girl has alot of depth!
by: claudiahorselovr

I like the way there was a boy around her age, but not straight away there was romance! I like that she didn't say anything about his looks, only cared about the Morgan. Keep it up!

Aug 31, 2016
Horse Girl - Part 2
by: AHorseLovingGirl

Hope you enjoyed! Part 3 coming soon!!

Aug 31, 2016
So good!!!!!
by: BlueRoan

I REALLY like it! You NEED to keep going!! Oh and please read my story, My Horsey Home. I have read Winnie The Horse Gentler. It's a really good series!! And this IS similar to it! That's one reason why I like it! All I can say is KEEP GOING! :)

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