by kaila

well lets start with about 7 years a go when i was three, my friends grandma ( not that old) took us for a ride on her horse Trigger. Of course my friend whould go in front of the horse while louise (the gramdma) lead it and if it was my turn she would cry and pout, so most of the time i got stuck on the horses butt. but sometimes louise would say " give mikaila a go in front
" and the whole way back from the lake we went by i would hear pouting and crying and felt really bad but i knew it Was my turn so i ignored it. of course we would have fun days then with tacking and feeding Trigger, and he was truly (i think) the first horse i acually rode.
Years went by with me and my friend and louise but then when i was 5 or so Trigger died. I really dont know from this day why but of course it was sad. But we were horse crazy and louise bought 2 arabians named Amy and Marcy and they were beautiful but i never rode them. they were my friends and so i didnt want to mess with her horse!
i took horse ridin lessons aroung our area and so i went there and rode a horse named Chase and then she was stricked and i was only like 5 so i got really mad and that.when i came to there holloween thing he looked horrible and so we quit that training sessions.
now its 2 years ago and i got my first pony! i was soooooo happy that i cryed, because all these years of throwing coins in a well and wishing for a horse came true! but at the place we boared her she sot lonely so we got a got named Gus. and of course louise helped me with the pony (named penny) and she did well just she couldnt get away from the goat and then a bad chicken wuld come after me and peck me so i wouldnt step out of the car and i let my mom feed her.And she gave me the talk how i need to feed her and that we would have to sell her. So that chicken chased me and i got to scared and so we had to sell her and i remember crying as i shut the gait of the trailer and cryed all the way to her new home, i cryed so much i came home and cryed for days.
then about a summer after that insident and i took a new class for showing and my teacher is 80! im still with her today. but i ride a quarter horse paint named skippy and he is my beloved teddy bear! he loves to go fast like me so i loves that! i fell off him once and me and him went to show and got a lot of trophys!
then about 2 summers ago i came homefrom my dads and my mom said"i have to take a ride to louises for to drop off some plants" so i went because i loves the horses and when we went into out driveway. i saw the best thing ever...... IT WAS PENNY! she was in the pen and i ran to her with my eyes dripping wet and i hugged her soooo tight! she was my gift from above! we rode her a lot!
last summer she ran off on my friend and her cousin thats 5 so we had ebough and now we have to sell her and i have now amy from before i take care of and i still look at pennys picture and wish she wasnt bad and was good. i want her for a good home!
NOW- i still go to horse riding with my teacher and we are selling my penny. i am an amature at horse stuff.
thats my horse story!

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