Horse Crazy Kenzie pg. 2

by Kenzie

Hey Everyone,
I have been meaning to put out another page for awhile, but haven't. I have a question for you all. Have you ever been on a horse that won't go above a trot? I used to ride this horse that wouldn't move faster that a walk. It would have been quite frustrating if I had known how to ride well, but I didn't so it wasn't that bad.
Or have you ever been leading a horse that is on a rope halter and have the halter all the sudden come undone? That happened to me one time at a show. I was walking, or being dragged, and all of the sudden the halter just kind of slipped onto her neck. Thank goodness the owner was standing not to far away.
Have you ever ridden a horse that every time you told it to trot try to canter instead? That happened to me. I was able to turn her around though so she stopped.
Have you ever ridden a horse in a show that wanted to get back to it's trailer? I was riding this horse out of an arena and I trotted as fast as it could to it's trailer where it stopped abruptly. I didn't fall off.
Ever ridden a horse that followed it's owner everywhere and when it's owner was in sight wouldn't listen to a thing you told him to do? That let me tell you is frustrating
These things mention have all happened to me over the years of riding other's horse. Have any of these things happened to you please tell me if they have?

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Jun 11, 2009
by: Kenzie

That sounds like one loyal horse!! I would love to own my own horse, but can't. I am able to ride this summer though so that is great!!! I'll look for your page!!

Jun 11, 2009
Hey Phantom Horse!!
by: Kenzie

Hey!! Thanks for commenting! Yes, I ride a horse(he is 26 years old, and named George) and whenever he canters he turns right. It never fails!! I don't mind it though. I have never ridden a horse that canters really slow, but then again I am just a beginning rider, and haven't cantered much yet! George has a very smooth trot, and it is very easy to sit to. Do you have a page? If you do I would love to read it!!

Jun 11, 2009
Hey Windcall!!
by: Kenzie

Thanks for the comment!! Really my page is not at all comparative to yours!! I am planning on seeing you at Crossever tomorrow! I'll be so upset if you don't go. I am emailing Kaitlin about it right now. G.T.G.

May 22, 2009
by: Heather

well that has happened to my sister. She was on my horse and he wanted to come to me so bad my sister got so mad at him.

May 21, 2009
by: Phantom Horse

those things didnt happen to me but other thing did!! like...
1. i was riding this horse that i had to slow down because when it goes faster it takes a sudden turn the opposite direction and you slip

2. A horse canters so slow that it feels like it is as slow as a trot or slower

3. when a horse is so slow at the trot.. you can even do the sitting trot without feeling bumpy

did that ever happen to you????

May 19, 2009
Hey girl!
by: Windcall

Hey Kenzie!
Windcall here. I just typed an email to you (teehee) and mentioned that I loved your page. Well, now I'm back at your page, granting it the first comment. It is totally awesome! Some of these things have actually happened to me, main one being riding a horse that would only perform for its owner. That was rather frustrating, because I wanted to get moving and he just stood there staring at the ground until his owner came over and had me remount the mare I had been riding before. It was kind of funny, too!!!!!!

Talk to you later (email soon)!

Windcall *:-)

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