Horse Crazy Girl Abby

by Abby



I am horse crazy because well I love to talk and talk and talk and talk about nothing but horses. I also love every living horse known to man. Whether it be an appaloosa or an Arabian I love them all and I will never stop loving them.

Also my book shelf is covered from head to toe with horse books weather it be a novel or a training manual I have quite a few. I also have over 20 horse models of you count the itybitty ones.

My room is practically filled with horse things weather it be horse posters horse pics horse calenders horse comforter set and books and models so I pretty much have covered my room form wall to wall with horse things.

One of my all time favorite movies is and will forever be spirit stallion of the caimarron although I unfortunately don't own my own horse yet but eventually I will and I already kinda know what kind of horse that I want.

I want and appaloosa gelding and I want to name him storm cloud. It would be great.But if I were to ever own my own horse it has got to be rescue horse I truly thing that it is better to adopt than to buy and I can't own my own because I don't have the money then I can maybe do foster care for the horse.

So this is why I am really horse crazy. :)

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Jul 07, 2015
So much like me
by: livelovehorses

I'm just like you. My walls are covered, my shelves are crammed with horse mags and books, my dresser and desk are covered with horse models and little horse things. I have a horse rug pillows blankets stuffed horses. I also ride in 4h and I love it. Horses are my life. I could not live without these beautiful animals.

Sep 05, 2012
Here are some games
by: Abby

Oh yes i have accounts on a lot of horse games the ones that i can recommend you are as follows: Club Pony Pals, Bella Sara, and Horseland. here are the web addresses for you:,, and, i hope this helps you and i hope to find what you are looking for.

Sep 03, 2012
online horse games
by: Christina

Hi! I really want to get an account on an online horse game site. Which one do you recommend? Do you have accounts on any horse game sites?

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