Horse crazy Ella!

by Ella
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

My name is Ella, and as long as I can remember I have LOVED horses. I can remember the first time I rode. I was no older then 3, when I started loving them. I insisted to my mother that I had to have my birthday party at a stable (or at least some where that had horses!) So I had it at a petting zoo. And of course it had a barn full of horses.

Now since I was the birthday girl got to choose my pony first! I walked up to a pretty little 9hh bay shetland pony gelding called Sunny. When I touched him I felt all warm and cozy inside.

When I moved ( I used to live in England) I couldn't wait to see what beautiful horses I would meet! When I went to see my great, great, uncle and aunt who own a horse farm I met the most beautiful, heavenly, graceful, gentle, the most biggest horse I had ever seen in my life!

His name is Jessie, a beautiful 17hh bay 20 year old retired race horse thoroughbred gelding.
I spent the hole day patting him and giving him treats. And he spent the hole day nuzzling my head!

When I turned 8 I got riding lessons for my birthday! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When it was the day it felt like my birth day and Christmas rolled in to one!!!!!

I loved having them but they where over before I knew it! I was REALLY sad and would miss Duddley (my 18 year old 13hh grey welsh riding school pony). I soon had riding lessons at a new stable. I know ride a 15hh chestnut 20 year old quarter horse called Charlie.

Now 2 years later I see that Jessie is my best friend, Charlie is the perfect pony for me, and my love of horses will never go away!

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