Horse CRAZY!!! <3

by Holley`
(Charleston, WV)

This is Patriot. Allison barrel races with him

This is Patriot. Allison barrel races with him

....on daily basis. She is 11 years old and barrel races!!!

Hey!!! I am horse Crazy!! I have loved horses since I was born. I don't have a horse though. I have always wanted one but i don't have the room at my house for one and i don't want to pay like 150.00 a month to boarder one. If you know anywhere in West VIrginia that I can keep one that is pretty cheap please tell!!! If you know of any for sale horses too please tell. I love horses!!!! <3 I am going to put a couple of horse pics on here but they are my friend Allison's Horses.... They are both Quarter Horses. The black one is patriot and the brown one is Dollar. I have riden them both and they are some pretty awesome horses.Dollar Will be on the one under this one on a different page. This is Patriot.

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