Horse Crazy 201 (continued from "Horse Crazy 101")

by Alyse

So here's the second part to my first page "Horse Crazy 101."

1.You cried when all you got for Christmas was a designer dress.
2.You have 4 saddles and no horse.
3.When you got asked what you would do with a thousand dollars you say,"Well,duh,bye a horse!"
4.You couldn't find your jeans in the sea of breeches you own.
5.When somebody asks you what's your favorite movie you say,"Secretariat."

Any more ideas tell me PLEASE!! I love to read them.

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Jun 04, 2011
LOL! Love them!
by: Horse - girls page

You can spot a horsy person from a mile away

You know every line in The Black Stallion

In your Essays and Reports, it's always about horses

You try to imagine having too much tack

You get mad when someone says that there horse is better than yours

You get competitive when someone says that they can win against your horse any day

You have plenty of horse friends and only a few real friends

You'd rather clean a stall then wash the dishes

You'd rather fight over which horse is soon to be yours than Justin Bieber marrying you

You'd rather read a thousand horse magazines and hear the latest horse gossip than hear about who's dating Justin Bieber

You'd rather say NEVER SAY NEVER to having a horse than becoming a star like JB (That's my fav of them all! LOL!!)

Mar 21, 2011
by: TheCougar

Unicorn, YES :) I applaud your horsie-ness

Mar 18, 2011
Cool page!
by: Unicorn

A few addends to the "you know you're a horsey person when...":

- You are normally reduced to a quivering lump of terrified humanity if a stranger so much as looks at you, but when there are horses around, no one can get you to shut up.

- You talk to horses more than you talk to people.

- A non-horsey person, watching you work your horse, asks "Wow, how did you know that he was going to do that?", you answer "He told me, of course" and then think they're crazy when they don't believe you.

- In history assignments, you always name the horses before you name the famous conquerors who rode them. (e. g. Persia was conquered by an enormous and lovely black horse, who had a white blaze down his face and was still fighting battles when he was thirty years old. He was named Bucephalus and this bloke called Alexander the Great rode him).

- You know more about the invention of the saddle than the invention of the wheel.

- "bay" has nothing to do with the sea and "chestnut" is totally unrelated to nuts.

- Parzival was a horse, not a Knight of the Round Table, didn't you know?

- In any conversation you can always, somehow, find some way in which to mention horses until your parents start telling you to change channels.

Thanks for the site!

Mar 18, 2011
Awesome ideas
by: Alyse

Thank you all soo much I love these ideas! Maybe I'll have to do a Horse Crazy 301. Anyway all of the ideas were AWESOME. TTYL!

Mar 13, 2011
horse (bordering insane...) crazy
by: TheCougar

You've watched 'Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron' way too many times, therefore you know all the lines, lyrics, and horse-sounds in scary-perfect order ;D

Mar 09, 2011
by: s a v a n n a h

You cried when you watched black beauty although you watched it a MILLION times before

You saved up your pocket money for three years so you could buy a bridle

You have read every single horsey thing on the web

You get territorial if someone starts talking about your horse or favorite.

You bawled your eyes out when your bridle broke

You have every requirement on this list

You bludged school so you could go to the stables

You became a groom at your local stables when you were exactly old enough

You sold your computer and put the funds towards buying horse.

At the easter egg drive you took three quarters of the cash from what you sold to have a riding lesson

You try to get involved in horsey stuff WHENEVER you can afford or can

The horses are upset and guilty at your infernant brushing on each one because they are shiny, clean and healthy because of you

You bring a sackload of carrots to a singleriding lesson

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