Horse Crazy 101

by Alyse

You know you are horse crazy if...

1. You would rather clean a stall than your bedroom.

2. You know every horse at the barn and not ONE person.

3. You would rather play with horses than chase boys.

4. Your room is covered with horse posters and you don't know a single band.

5. Your favorite color is bay.

6. When your mom asks "where will you be today?" your answer is as usual, in the barn.

7. You have NO idea what Facebook is, but you love Horse Crazy Girls.

8. You've read every horse book there is.

Now I can say that I am definitely horse crazy.

Have any more funny "Horse Crazy" things? Post them, I would love to read them!

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Jun 12, 2011
Mind reader person :P
by: Adrienne

This describes my life... except I know what facebook is xD

May 22, 2011
by: slkmay

you are so right but i live in the city so it is hard to ride out here.

Mar 18, 2011
Great Ideas
by: Alyse

You guys these are GREAT ideas. You know if you liked this one, maybe you should read "Horse Crazy 201" (also by ME! HaHa) Thanks SOOO much for the ideas though. Dieu Est Amour!

Mar 05, 2011
Your so right
by: Horserider

I really like reading this, because every part of it is true!!! Lots of people don't understand why horsecrazygirls would rather be at the barn than at the mall... but it is something you cant explain. Luv this

Mar 04, 2011
Top 5
by: Daisy

1. The only one you want to talk to is in the stable!
2. You would rather groom you horse than brush your own hair!
3. You would rather go to greenhawk and buy tack than go to the mall and buy clothes!
4. You have no friends except the ones that have horses as well!
5. And when your asked who your best friend is you have to say your horse because no one else even comes close!

Mar 04, 2011
horse crazy me
by: Alyse

I had fun writing this because I based it off of myself. Like when my sister asked me what my favorite color was I absent-mindedly answered,"Bay." she laughed soo hard. And when my friend asked me which boy I liked I said,"Pride." she was like wow. So if you have any funny stories about your "Horse Crazy" self then tell me, cause I like to read them.

Mar 03, 2011
another thing!
by: Anonymous

you get angry when the stable is closed or its pouring rain
you refuse to buy a bike and buy a saddle even if you don't have a horse
you did your school project on horses
you don't know any boys other than dad and your brother or cousin or nephew

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