Horse Camp Day 1 - need training ideas!

by Eliza

I was trying to help my horseback riding teacher train the 2 year old horse Annie. She's crazy. We tried and tried but she kept bucking. So we took a break. Do you have any suggestions on how to train Annie?

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Aug 31, 2012
by: holly

You know i've met a horse like that, crazy but absolutely beautiful! unfortunately died for no apparent reason. :(

Aug 30, 2012
I think ........
by: SuperSmily

First you need to put yourself in her shoes. I mean you wouldn't want strange people trying to control you. Next don't start out with a lunge line and wipe get her to know you without those "scary tools". Then you start getting her ready for what you want. My advice is start out with lunging her because that the thing that your going to be working with for awhile. Remember take it slowly you don't want her to get overwhelmed. Remember to have patience. Show her the lunge line, let her sniff it, and run it along her body and do the same with the whip. When your confident she understand the commands you give on the lunge line then you can move on with the saddle.

Good Luck!

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