Horse bowl and hipppology

Okay, so you're probably all wondering what horse bowl is. Horse bowl is like jeopardy with buzzers and it's all about horses. It's awesome and you learn a whole lot. Hippology is the study of markings and stuff.

I will include some fun horse bowl questions down below and you comment and tell me the answer. I will say you got it right if you did.

Q1 - what are 5 major muscles of the horse?

Q2 - when riding what is a horses rhythm?

Q3 - what is the periople?

Q4 - what breed of horse is most commonly affected by equine night blindness?

Q5 - in degrees how far is the horses vision?

Q6 - where is the poll on a horse?

Q7 - define homozygous

Q8 - what breed of pony originated in Wales?

Q9 - what is a colt?

Q10 - what is a castrated male horse called?

You have a week to answer the questions then I will comment and post all the answers. I know all this information and I'm on a horse bowl team so yes I will give you the correct information.

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Jun 26, 2016
So Cool! :)
by: Jesus&HorseLover4-ever

This is really cool!! I only knew half the questions! Now I know more about horses! Thanks!!

Apr 04, 2016
Okay answer time!
by: Anonymous

Question one is gaskin forearm inner gaskin outer gaskin loin.

Question two is how the horse moves in his gaits?

Question three is the protective varnish like outer layer of the hoof wall?

Question four is appaloosa.

Question five is 350 degrees.

Question six is on the head a little behind the ears.

Question seven is two matching pairs of chromosomes that are both members of the given ideal.

Question eight the welsh pony.

Question nine a male horse under three years of age.

Question ten is a gelding.

Good job guys!

Apr 01, 2016
Good Questions!
by: Sydney from

I don't know all the answers!

Apr 01, 2016
A Few
by: Aspen

Just from being an artist I do not know all of them but a few. First Q1 I think it's the back-hind leg and neck and the others I'm not sure, Q9 is a young male horse under 4, and Q10- is a Gelding... And the others I have no idea but I'm sure they're all good questions.

~Thanks ASPEN~

Mar 31, 2016
by: Anonymous

Good job and it's really fun. You may want to look into it just type in st horse bowl equine husbandry and there's some stuff on there. It's really educational.

Mar 30, 2016
by: Anonymous

That horse bowl thing sounds really cool only I can't answer half those questions. Here are the answers to the ones I think I can. The poll is like at the top of the head, the welsh pony is from Wales, and a colt is a male horse under 4 years old.

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