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I had been playing horseland for nearly 6 years before the extreme changes took place. As soon as horseland Junior came out the game took a turn for the worse. What was once a game for a adult players and meant to be for breeding and training horses was no suddenly some childish game designed for children like any other.

The changes didn't stop their however. The home page changed, layouts quit working and more than that people who had paid to have their account as a premium for $30 real dollars a year had now wasted that because everybody was. I know of people who had seventeen and more premium accounts that had invested hundreds into the game and we're now not getting that special bonus and the moneys-worth they invested.

I think that Horseland is not worth it as who knows when it will change again. Will the change be as dramatic? Most likely not. Will the change once again take a crazy spin and leave millions of players leaving again? Most likely.

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