I had been taking riding lessons for a year, I was 6 at the time, my mom told me to get ready quickly because we had to go somewhere.

I ate my cereal and ran out to the barn where my sister was feeding all the horses, I brought carrots for them. I went over to hope and gave her a hug like I always did.. she was my horse out of the 4 we had, but that day she was acting weird.. she was laying down and wouldn't eat her carrot.

Mom said it was time to go so we got in the truck.. and the trailer was attached. I asked why and mom said we were going to pick up a horse for a friend.

We got to a barn, mom lead me to the stall of a 13.1hh bay pony named Hidden Treasure or Treasure for short. I patted her and fell in love with in an instant, mom put her on the trailer and we took her home, on the way Mom explained to me how Treasure was now my pony, and that it was supposed to be a surprise.

When we got home I took Treasure to the barn and Dad said to put her in Hope's stall. I did but I questioned where hope would sleep tonight. Then Mom, Dad and Lilly (my sister) all took me into the house and explained to me how Hope had a really sore tummy, and how it wasn't going to go away, Hope was in the ring with my brother they told me and they said that it was my choice to either keep her but have her hurting all the time or send her to heaven where she will be free.

Of course I didn't exactly like the sound of that so I asked them where heaven is and they explained to me that heaven was in the sky and that's where God lives and if I give Hope to God she will still see me every day. I just won't see her, I decided I better give her to God because that way her belly wouldn't hurt anymore.

I was really sad that I would never get to see her but Treasure helped me through it and in about a week I was over it because I couldn't be to sad since Hope was feeling better and I had treasure!

So now I am 13 and of course Treasure is still at my house out in her paddock right now, she is retired but my new horse is an Oldenburg Jumper Named Mojo. I Still think about Hope a lot but I'm glad I did what I did then.

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Jan 02, 2012
U R So lucky
by: Sophie

You are sooo lucky my parents would never let me have a horse. If only we had the home for one they would.

Jun 21, 2011
Lovely story
by: Unicorn

Your parents put it very well to you! Give thanks for them. I'm so glad you made the right decision and moved on at such a young age. Very well done. Enjoy your horses!

Jun 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

That's so sweet. I love that story. You're just lucky you can afford not just one horse but 4! So lucky!

Jun 16, 2011
by: Amethystc

nice horse story

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