Hope - Part 1

by Doree


The lady stood by a tall brown fence, staring at the grey mare inside it. The mare was snorting and trotting around, flickering her tail and her eyes wide with fear.

But the lady wasn’t thinking about the horse, but about a memory buried in her mind, the memory of her little girl.

She wondered where she was now. Was she like she remembered? Or had she gone Goth like the neighbors girl down the road.

Did she have a boyfriend? What was she even like? It had been a two years since the King’s had last sent her a letter about Taylor. It hurt, knowing that her little girl was growing up without her.

The woman sighed and buried her hands in her face. A day hadn’t gone by, that she hadn’t regretted giving up the one thing that lit up her life, even for the little bit. She thought to that moment and was over taken in it.

She’d stared at the wide brown eyed baby in her arms.

“Take care of her,” She had begged to the older couple. “Please.”

“We promise Lydia. She will be very well cared for, live a good life.” Lara promised.

Lydia nodded and let Lara take the little girl from her arms. Lara and David’s faces lit up with love as they smiled down at the delicate baby.

“Tell her of me. When she gets old enough to understand,” Lara tilted her head and looked at the girl. Lydia’s face filled with emotion. Lara could see giving up her baby was tearing her apart so she nodded.

“Of course, when she turns old enough, we will tell her of the brave young woman who gave birth to her. How she was strong enough, to know that adoption was best for her.” Lara confirmed that.

“Thank you,” Lydia had whispered


Lydia looked over her shoulder, snapped out of her thoughts by Adam, the stable hand she had hired a few months back.

“What is it Adam?”

Adam’s dark blue eyes were filled with an emotion Lydia couldn’t quite pinpoint. His dark shaggy hair fell in front of his eyes as he spoke.

“You have a visitor.”

Lydia was confused. She hardly ever got visitors. Not where she lived. Who on earth would travel the 40 minutes it took to get there from the closet town, just to see her?

Adam left then came back; rounding the corner followed by a young girl who couldn’t have been older then fourteen or fifteen. Lydia gasped as she stared at the teenager.

There was no mistaken the big brown eyes, tan skin and dark curls, the shortness and thinness of the girl. All of it was familiar. This was her. This was her daughter.

“Hi Mom,” The girl said, emotion filling her voice. “It’s me. Your daughter”

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Apr 26, 2012
Love it!!!!
by: Anonymous

Plz post more!!!!

Apr 26, 2012
Good job!
by: Horseluver4evernever

Great story please keep writing you've got real talent!!=) check out my story's time to move on and forever or never and tell me what u think!:)

Apr 25, 2012
Oh wow!
by: Shine

Wow, this is great story!!! I've never read anything like this on this website. PLEASE CONTINUE! i love the emotion!

Apr 25, 2012
by: lucinda

doree............ HOW ARE YOUR STORIES SO GOOD?

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