Hope and Faith

by Sara

I walked around, pulling at the bit. "Not now Star." my jockey, Lilli Burke, scolded me. I rolled my eyes and trotted into the gate.
"All horses are in the gates." the announcer called.

"Get ready, GO!!" he yelled into the mic.
The gates swished open and all the horses, including me, bolted out of the gate. "Starlight Shimmering is in the lead, followed by Kite and Wind and Jay Will." He called. I was in the lead by 2 feet when it happened. I fell. I was galloping smoothly next to Jay Will when his rider pushed us and made me lose my balance. I toppled over and slammed into the ground. I saw Lilli fly over the fence when everything went dark. I was surrounded by blackness. I was all alone. Or so I thought I was.......

To Be Continued......

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Jan 01, 2009
Great story..........

This is a great story! Please continue. I can't wait to see who is with her or whatever happens next. Please make the next part longer.....
Okay, i'll look out for it -SUMMER

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