HoofBeats Monty

by Heartbeat For Horses

Chapter One: The Auction

"Sam, are you ready to go?" Samantha Gordon looked behind her to see her mother, Lisa Gordon leaning against the stall door.

"Yeah, I'm coming!" Sam responded giving Star, a young bay colt one final pat. She let herself out of the stall and followed her mom to the blue four door truck.

It only took a few minutes to get to the fair grounds. She hopped out of the truck and headed to the jumble of trailers to find her best friend, Chloe Simpson.

"Hey Chloe!" She called spotting her friend standing outside the auction barn.

"Oh, hey Sam. We're about to go to the auction. Mom found a couple nice riding horses. Want to come?" She asked.

"Sure." Sam said following Chloe and her mom into the stands.

At first, the most expensive horses with the best show records and breeding were bidded on and sold. Next, Chole's mom bought two chestnut geldings and a few more were sold.

But the last horse brought into the ring was the one that caught Sam's eye. He was a shaggy and dirty bay horse that stood a little over fifteen hands high.

"Starting at 50 dollars for the gelding!" The auctioneer said into the microphone. No one bidded on him, the stands were nearly silent. Without even thinking of what she was doing she shouted, "60 dollars!" The rest of it passed in a blur.

No one else bidded. The shaggy bay was hers. She was unbelievably happy to finally have her own horse after living on a horse ranch for 13 years... but what was she going to tell her parents?

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Jul 09, 2017
really good!
by: hoofbeats

Great start! Please write another chapter!

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