Hoof Heart no.1

by Abbie

I ran into the corner shop because I really wanted to read the new issue of PONY Magazine. "Here you go Cori that would be £2.99 please." "Here Margret. Thanks." And I ran home to read it. My favourite page was the page with all the other readers ponies. First there was a 14:3 hh connemara called Trixie , 12:2 hh cob called Bobby and my favourite a 14:2 hh dun Fjord called Axelter. I also liked reading the pony stories and in this issue my favourite story was "we never dreamed we'd win!" which was about a brother and sister that met Oliver Townsend. My mum called down to me for dinner. "BUUUUUURP! Sorry mum hee hee! Can I please get riding lessons for my birthday??" Cori asked "Oh great the horse nutter comes home covered in manure!" said Robin. Robin was Cori's brother. "Robin! Sorry Cori we just cant pull it this year but maybe next year sweetie ok." "Whatever." The next day Cori cycled down to the beach when she saw a girl riding down the shore on a bay pony about 13:1 hh. "Wow I love your pony! Were do you keep him?" "Oh thanks I keep Billy at Rock Bay stables over there" she pointed to a small building made out of wood with little pony heads at the doors. "Do you wanna ride Billy?" she asked "Sure but I've never had lessons." "That's okay Billy's great with beginners!" she dismounted " Here put your leg on this log and swing the other over onto the saddle. Oh and here's my hat for safety!" Cori mounted and walked Billy round the shore. "Hey do you want lessons??" she asked "Oh yes but how much are they??" "Err for novice about £2.99" "That's a bargin! Well I better go err what's your name?? I'm Cori." "Oh I'm Bella bye and see you soon!" "Bye Bella!" and she cycled home. "Mum,mum, MUM!" "What is it Cori?" "I found a place for riding lessons and I've already made a friends and the lessons are £2.99!" "Well you can get lessons but were is the stables??" "YAY! Just by the beach it's called Rock Bay stables." "Okay I'll go and ask for lessons but on which pony??" "The girl I met rode Billy and I rode him but just walk and I wore a hat." "Well I'll ask for Billy then." "Oh thank you mum thank you!" "No problem Cori." Now Cori rides Billy in lessons and takes care of him well.

Stay tuned for Hoof Heart 2 the show!

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Jul 08, 2010
amazing story
by: Sydney

this was an amazing story, please keep writing more

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