by Taylor

this is Details and I in one of our walk trot classes

this is Details and I in one of our walk trot classes

well it was my first ever cantering class and i was doing it for fun and i was like ahh i'll do it and note that my horse and i have never ever ever gone to a show and cantered and so here we were going into the show ring my horse has trouble on her left lead so were going on her right lead fewww so they say trot canter blah blah blah and then they say turn around and canter blah blah blah and GUESS what i won i know i knda made a mistake i looked around to see the toehr riders and how they were doing their horses were like boing boing boing and they were doing the same i was the only one with sitting and my horse details was just glidin it was the best canter shes ever givien me but then unfortunaltey the day after the show she hurt her leg big time and we had n emergency vet and it didnt go to well and her legz her 2 back ones from hoof up were the siize of fotballs and we didnt know wat was wrong and she ended up having lyme shes ok now shes run around like a spring chicken and prances EVERYWHERE you say her name and there she comes at full gallop around the corner

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