by Ellis
(Stoke on trent)

Irish draught x thoroughbred

Irish draught x thoroughbred

well i dont really know its just they are so cute and talented and i love them to bits. my fave horse is a IRISH DRAFT/THOROUGHBRED because i used to have one called Raffles (we called her Raffy) she was going to have a foal but unfortunately she lost it when she was pregnant with the foal.

I don't no why the foal died in raffy's tummy :( i was so upset. I still get to see raffles and my other ponies at my dads friend house (my dads friend bought all of my ponies of me but i still get to see them) the others were mainly foals 1 called Diamond, 1 called Prince and 1 called Gracie and there was another older (and fatter) horse of mine called Wesley (stupid name he was already called that name when we bought him but it is unlucky to change a horses name aint it lols out there)i hope you enjoyed looking on my page thnxxxxxx byeee:)...

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