Her Own Way

by Warhorse

Part One

Melissa goes into the arena for practice, she's on an Eventing team and tonight they were practicing show jumping. She warmed her horse up, a mustang who doesn't look the part of a show horse but makes up for it with her jumping ability. She cantered her horse around the arena to warm up. Since she arrived rather early, Melissa has time to take Pepper, her horse over a few lower jumps. Then she walked Pepper to cool her off. She noticed the newer girl, Nellie, come into the arena with her horse...

Nellie steered her horse towards the arena. He was a tall bay horse with a lot of energy. Nellie knew he would be an eye catcher tonight. She came into the arena and saw Melissa coming towards her on her mustang.

"She's so cool", Nellie thought, "She can train a once wild horse to keep the fancy horses on their toes. I wish I could be like that". But Nellie showed none of the longing of friendship to Melissa, instead she made it seem just the opposite. She tried to do as little as possible with Melissa. Nellie trotted around the arena around the rail holding her horse, Bentley , back so he wouldn't run. Melissa came over to her on her pretty mustang.

"Maybe you should canter him around the arena and burn some of his energy that way?", Melissa suggested "and it might help if you inch your hand down on the reins to give you more control".
Nellie stiffened. She didn't like taking advice, it seemed to her that taking advice just made it seem like she didn't know anything. " No thanks", she said, and trotted off.

Later, during practice, she failed to change leads when turning sharply to cut off some strides and her horse refused the jump. Practice ended and Nellie was not happy. "I'm going to practice tomorrow at home", she tells herself. But then she remembers her parents are going put of town and she would be alone. "Ughhh!" She thought ," Fine! It doesn't mattet. I can do it anyway!" The only problem was that Melissa lived next door to her and had warned against riding with no one there... Nellie hoped she wouldn't get caught...

The next day she played it cool until her parents left. She then tacked up her horse. By the time she was done dark clouds started rolling in. Nellie was frustrated with herself for not checking the forecast! She quickly hoped on her horse and started to warm up, racing against the threatening sky. Bentley cantered perfectly around the jump but Nellie still felt a sinking , dreading feeling deep inside. "Oh stop it silly", she told herself. There was nothing wrong. She collected Bentley and centered him on the highest jump she had out. Suddenly it thundered and seconds later it started pouring down rain. Bentley spooked and jumped to the side quickly. Nellie pulled him back,"We are going to do this!" She ran him towards the jump, but something didn't feel right. Nellie panicked right before the jump. Bentley, sensing his rider's distress hesitated, but he had already committed to the jump! He couldn't stop! He landed on the wet, slippery ground and skidded, sending Nellie flying forward off of him, he slipped and fell to his knees. Nellie landed in a muddy heap in front of him.

Okay! That is part 1 please comment if you want me to continue.

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Nov 19, 2021
Keep Writing!
by: Bailey The Horse Lover

This story is great! I really want to know what happens next! Keep writing!

Apr 15, 2021
Part 5 sneak peak
by: Warhorse

Tears poured down Nellie's cheeks as she rode Pepper down the trail at a gallop. She clung to her mane as she gripped her body tightly between her legs. No saddle separated their bodies, and Nellie had to use every muscle in her body to stay on. The only control she had over the running horse was the halter, with the lead rope looped over and tied back, forming crude reins.

She hadn't thought this through, but she just needed AWAY. Away from all of it.

No. No. No. Her thoughts pounded in rhythm to Pepper's hooves on the ground. This couldn't be happening. It couldn't be. It was just a nightmare. It HAD to be.

Nellie sobbed as she clung to Pepper, willing the horse to take her away to some place far. Somewhere where they'd never be found.

Oct 29, 2020
I really liked this story!
by: Summer

Hi! I'm Summer, and I really like this story! It has a really good story line and strong supporting characters! Please continue this!

Sep 08, 2020
Please continue!!!
by: Willow

This story is so so so good! I love it! Please keep writing it! You are so talented! I will await the next chapter with excitement!

Feb 16, 2020
carry on!!!
by: Anonymous

So have got to carry on! It is amaaaaze!!! :) :)

Feb 03, 2020
by: horse crazy gal <3

This is the best ever chapter book I have ever read on this website!!! I absolutely LOVE IT, you actually HAVE to continue PLEASE!! You're an amazing author!! <3 xx

Nov 06, 2019
by: Horse Crazy Gal14

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series of chapters you should definitely do more!! Love it<3 <3

Aug 22, 2019
Continue :D
by: Aria

I like it so far! Please continue... I want to know what the news is ;)

Aug 15, 2019
Do y'all like it?
by: Warhorse

Okay guys so I need a few comments to continue this story. I left the last chapter with a good day, and then the phone ringing. I am going to give y'all a tiny spoiler alert and say that the phone call will bear horrible news that will change both the girls' lives. PLEASE comment if you want me to continue! They really mean a lot to me.

Aug 01, 2019
Part 4
by: Warhorse

Part Four

"Am I the only one who is nervous about the competition next weekend?" Nellie asked Missy.
"Nope, I'm pretty nervous too", confided Missy. "This will be my first jumping competition, I hope I don't make a fool of my self. I am much more a western rider than doing this fancy dancy horse stuff".
"It's my first time too. We'd better practice really hard this week then", Nellie said. "See you tomorrow?"
Missy smiled. "Yep! Bright and early!"
Nellie groaned... Mornings were not her thing. She could stay up as long as was needed but waking up was a different story. Mornings were so overrated....

The next morning, Nellie rolled herself out of bed after the 4th alarm had gone off. She had set multiple knowing she would just turn one off and go back to sleep if they didn't keep going off. Ugh! Mornings.
She got dressed and zombie walked to the kitchen to find something to eat. After eating breakfast and checking on Bentley, she headed to Missy's place. She found Missy already at the barn with her horse tacked up and Nellie's too.
"Hey Nellie!" Missy greeted when she saw her.
"Hi", Nellie replied."What are you doing with that pony?" She asked.
"This is Circus.I'm saddling him for my little sister. She's eating breakfast right now but she'll be out shortly. She's going to ride with us today 'cause my mom's out of town on a shopping spree and I'm babysitting", Missy said all this while she was saddling the white fuzzy pony. He sure was cute. And little. Missy's sister , Ava,was 4, about to be 5. She, like Missy, wanted to ride all the time but she hasn't been able to ride unassisted until Missy's parents had bought a pony for her. Now she rides Circus as much as she's able. Missy also had twin 10 year old brothers.
"Where are your bothers, Missy?" Nellie asked.
"They're inside playing the play station. Horses are not their thing. Baseball and video games are what they do" ,Missy explained.
"Oh okay", Nellie said. When Ava came out the 3 girls went to the Missy's arena. Missy called it her 'patch of dirt'. After warming their horses up they set up some jumps.
"How high are the jumps at the show?"Asked Nellie.
"The competition is low level so the lowest will be around 2 1/2 feet and the highest should be around 3 feet. Let's set them at 2 feet to see how Stargazer takes them and then go from there".
Nellie saluted "Yes ma'am!"
They got back on their horses and Nellie went over a couple on Pepper with ease and then let Missy try some.
"Come on Starkindler, let's see if you're a jumping horse or just a Barrel horse".
Missy cantered him towards the jump, Starkindler gathered himself and leaped over it, clearing it with plenty of room to spare.
"Alright!" Missy exclaimed. "Let's try another!"
Starkindler cleared jump after jump and eventually the girls raised them, now they were randomly set from 2 1/2 feet up to 3 feet.
"I want to do that" Ava said after she had watched the older girls jump.
"But you're not ready for jumps yet, you can't jump", Nellie told her.
Ava pouted. "Yes I can!" She remonstrated.
"I have an idea", Missy said.
Nellie and Ava watched her run to the storage room and come back pulling a wagon with cinder blocks and jump poles. They watched her set the cinder blocks up and put a pole through the lower hole so that it was similar to a jump, but Circus wouldn't have to actually jump, just barely hop over it.
"There you go, Ava!" Missy said.
Ava trotted over the poles, Circus hopping over it giving Ava a little thrill. "Yayyy!" She exclaimed.
Nellie and Missy laughed at her pleasure.
The girls had an awesome rest of the morning, by 10 them and their horses were exhausted. They hosed their horses off and turned them out in their pens, went inside and crashed on Missy's couch. Then the phone rang.

Jul 14, 2019
Part 3
by: Warhorse

Part Three

Okay guys so I didn't really plan to continue this story further than part 2 but I think I will. Actually I am thinking of making a whole series of books with these same characters and adding many new ones of course. This book is mostly about how Nellie becomes part of this but I will write some other books about Melissa and some of her friends that happen before this... Hope you like!

Nellie woke up that morning and went out to the barn to take care of Bentley. She put ice on his leg and then headed over to Melissa's. It had been 2 weeks since Bentley' s accident and Nellie had been going over to Melissa's house regularly to ride with her. She rode Pepper and Mellissa rode a mustang that she was in the process of training. He was a large black gelding Melissa had named Starkindler. Nellie thought it suited him. For he was quite spirited and it seemed like he could reach up to the sky and touch the stars. His real talent was his speed tough. Quick as a bunny he could go from a stand still to a gallop. Nellie wondered how Melissa ever stayed on him when he went so fast.
"Mellissa", Nellie asked,"What do you plan on using Starkindler for?"
"First", Melissa answered "All my friends call me Missy so you can too, second, he really does like to run and I like western riding much better than English. I think I'll train him as a Barrel Racing horse for now. Then when he's older and i have more of a handle on him we might go towards something like reining and maybe roping. Bit before that I'll have to learn to rope!" Missy winked. Nellie smiled. How had she ever been mean to this girl?
"What do you want to do in the future, Nellie?", Missy asked.
"I don't know. I went to jumping cause that's like the most common thing. English riding is like the more common discipline and dressage and Show jumping are the most common events in it so I just don't really know where I want to go or what I want to do". Nellie sighed
"As much fun as jumping is", Missy started,"I'm much more of a western rider than a jumper. After this jumping season, I'll probably just stick to western riding. It doesn't matter what event you do as long as you enjoy it and you enjoy riding.
"Yeah, you're right, Missy. Anyway I have all jumping season to decide. Who knows, maybe I'll beat you with your own horse!, Nellie said slyly. Missy smiled " I'll make sure to give you a run for your money".

Jul 08, 2019
Keep it up!
by: josh

Thanks for the update. I am really enjoying this story, please don't stop posting!

May 13, 2019
Part 2
by: Warhorse

Part Two

Nellie lay on the ground for a few minutes in shock, unable to move. Finally, she stood up, slowly and shaking. She turned around and saw Bentley limping towards her, unsure of what to do and clearly in pain.

"Oh Bentley! Oh no! What have I done?" She exclaimed. It was all her fault. She ran up to him and thrust her arms around his neck. "What have I done to you, boy?" Nellie cried. "I'm so sorry, big guy. What can I do for him? Where can I go?" She thought wildly. Then she remembered Melissa.

Nellie tried to get Bentley in his stall, step by painful step, Bentley slowly went towards the stall. He loved Nellie and wanted to make her happy. Maybe if he did what she asked she might stop crying? They made it to the stall. Nellie put him in, walked out, shut it, and started running, bound for Melissa's house. Bentley whinnied, he wanted Nellie back! She couldn't leave him, he was hurt. He needed her. Nellie come back!

Nellie looked back at him, "I have to leave you, boy. You stay there, I will be back!" Nellie ran to Melissa's house. It was a long way, although Melissa's property ajoined hers, their house was on a hill at the end of a long driveway. Hiking it in the rain was no picnic. Nellie finnaly reached the house. She frantically banged on the door. After some serious banging, the door opened and there was Melissa.

"Oh, um, hi Nellie," Melissa began, clearly very surprised to see her, especially in the middle of a thunderstorm.

"What exactly are you do- Oh my! What happened to you?, she broke off after taking a look at Nellie's muddy clothes.

"Oh it's all my fault!" Nellie sobbed, "I jumped Bentley in the rain and he's hurt now! He's limping bad!"

Melissa wasted no time. She immediately called the vet and told her parents what was up and where she'd be and then came back out with rain jackets. She tossed one to Nellie and put the other one on. "It's his leg? Where is he?" She asked Nellie.

"Yes", Nellie answered, "and he's in his stall now. I didn't want him moving to much on it."

"Well that's a relief", Melissa said.

They stayed with Bentley until the vet arrived.

After an examination and an X-ray, the vet concluded that the bone was not broken but there was a bad sprain. He gave the girls instructions on how to care for it. He made sure they knew there would definitely be no riding him until he was completely healed.

"You're welcome to use Pepper for riding until Bentley is healed." Melissa offered.

"That sounds great," Nellie said. "and I know now that advice is something everyone gets and I should learn not to be offended by it. I'm so sorry for treating you like I've been. Could you forgive me? Could we be friends?"

"Of course!" Melissa said, "I would love that. And I always tell myself, there will ALWAYS be someone who knows more than me, about any given subject. So I learned to be okay with advice. If no one listened to people who know more than them, no one would ever learn anything!"

"There will always be someone who knows more than me", Nellie repeated, "That's good advice".

May 08, 2019
Amazing story!
by: SpiritGirl

Please continue, it's great! I'd love to see what happens next.

May 06, 2019
keep going


May 03, 2019
by: Aria

I can't wait to see what happens! Please continue :D

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