Henrietta, Emily, and Lucy's day to take care of a foal

by Kristina, 16
(Cardwell St, NSW, Australia)

Henrietta ate an apple and brushed her teeth. Then she dashed outside to her horse, Moon Glow.

'Hey girl,' she said holding up the girth, 'Time for a ride to the three birch trees.'

She buckled on the girth and put on the saddle blanket.

'Henrietta,' her dad called, 'where are you?'

Henrietta giggled. 'I'm right here, Dad, stop pulling jokes around when there's something important to say from you or me.'

Dad smiled. 'OK dear,' he said, 'I won't.' Henrietta crossed her arms. 'DAD,' she said firmly, 'don't call me dear. What do you need to tell me?'

Dad finally got serious. 'When I was driving to Farmington to get powerded mare's milk, the farmer said, "Excuse me sir, I have a foal that is three days old, but I don't have time to hand rear it. Can you do that for me?"'

Henrietta looked round. 'Where's that "foal"?' she asked. Dad held up his arms. 'Here,' he whispered. 'He's just sleeping. Don't make a lot of noise.'

Emily Lake prepared her saddle slots and filled them in with the first aid, hair ties, blankets, notebook, jewelry, and pencils.

'I think I'll beat Lucy and Henrietta to the three birch trees if we gallop or canter,' she told Lightning. 'GO!' she flicked up the reins.

An hour later, Emily slowed Lightning down to a walk. 'Time to cool down,' Emily said, 'I don't want you to be too sweaty. We're going to do alot of riding today.'

Lucy Water twirled of of her house, falling over a rock. 'Geez, that was my third fall today! If I can't walk, I'll have to stay with Mum and her sloppy kisses!' She ran into Belle's paddock, mumbling.

Belle shook her head side to side as if to say, 'My dear old Lucy never changes - she keeps on falling over rocks,' Of course, Lucy didn't understand, so she patted Belle on the head. 'Good girl,' she said. Belle nickered as if to say, 'Oh, so I have to keep teasing you. OK, I understand.' OK... scary.

Let's go to Henrietta. 'Oh, oh, oh gosh,' Henrietta breathed, 'he's beautiful; magnificent, excellent!' Dad smiled and whispered something to himself that Henrietta couldn't understand.

'Uh, Dad?' she asked nervously, 'did I . . . do anything wrong . . . ?' Dad turned to her with a big grin on his face that scared Henrietta.

Finally Dad snapped out of it. 'Oh, err, it's just very cute that you love that foal . . . you can keep it forever.' Henrietta smiled.

'Thanks Dad, I love you so much that no words can describe how much I love you!' Dad smiled again which was filled with love. 'Thank you dear, I -'

'ARRGH!' screamed Henrietta. 'YOU CALLED ME "DEAR" AGAIN!' The foal woke up, but it was mad at Dad, too.

'Don't be such a sook,' said Dad, laughing. 'It was just a joke. Take care of that foal in the barn.' Henrietta did so.

Emily Lake and Lucy Water made it to the three birch trees. 'She'll be here in a couple of minutes,' said Emily, looked at worried Lucy. A tear drop went near Emily's head as in, 'O-K . . . ?' sign.

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Apr 04, 2008
cute story
by: sadie

did you write this? Where are you from? I've never heard sook before. funny...is it like stick in the mud?? can i call my brother a sook or it is just for girls? LOL

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