Help with Latte

by Kylie

Latte after a 5 hour ride :)

Latte after a 5 hour ride :)

Okay, my horse latte is crazy! He is a professional barrel horse and I love him to death but he is a little hard to control even on the trail. When he is in the arena he is even harder to control and I've never shown him.

What should I do!?!??!??!

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hope this helps
by: ScytheFilly

Most likely as barrel horse, he is always going to be hot, they are bred to run and run hard. Latte is going to require loooots of riding, lunging, etc to keep his energy levels manageable. I would suggest taking a few weeks riding only at a walk until he is respectful, then move to a trot. If he becomes ency or hot while trotting go back to a walk and continue this until he learns that when he is behaved that he can have freedom. :)

Head low?
by: Anonymous

I think maybe you should work a little harder on him and my coach and many riders have suggested keeping ur horses head low and collected. I find it easier to help ur horse.

If that does not work, maybe u need to just spend some more time with ur little guy
My horse is the same!!!

some suggestions
by: Sydney from

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