HELP! What to wear to show?

by Rienne

PLEASE PLEASE READ!!! I REALLY want to be in an english pleasure class and maybe jumping. What should I wear?

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is brown okay?
by: abbyismybay

I just bought a brown show coat ($7.34 at good will) it has 2 buttons and I'm wondering if it will be okay in hunter/jumper shows. And should I get black gloves/boots/helmet/ or brown gloves/boots/helmet!?!

From Sydney at

A brown show coat should be fine. As far as the gloves and boots go, you should wear black. Helmet should be black too. At least that's how it works where I ride in Florida.

Good luck in your show!

What to wear
by: Horseluver4evernever

Under 12 years old
Wear a navy blue show jacket and a white show shirt if you want to look classic. Now a days you can wear a lightly colored pastel show shirt that your local tack store will carry. You can also wear different colours of jackets. Black, grey, navy, hunter green, brown or pinstripe are all accepted. For bottoms, you need tan jodhpurs, preferably black paddock boots, and matching garders. You need a velvet helmet. Gpa, Charles Owen, IRH are the nicest looking helmes in the show ring. If this is a schooling show, a velvet cover over top a carbon fiber helmet should be perfectly fine, along with a polo and breeches with half chaps. For the hair style, French braids with bows that match your shirt look extremely cute! Get black or white leather gloves. If your horse is slow get a BLACK short crop and if you need spurs, get black leather spur straps.

Over 12 years old
Show jacket and show shirt (as seen above^^^^^^) the only thing that changes from 'under 12' is the boots and bottoms and hair. For bottoms, wear tan breeches. The favorited brand is tailored sportsman. They are more expensive but worth it! Wear tall black boots with laces at the front. With these, what you spend is what you get. Invest in a nice pair of leather boots. For hair, get a hair net. Ask your instructed how to put this on. Get a pair of black or white leather gloves. If your horse is slow, you will need a BLACK short crop, and if you need spurs, get leather spur straps.

Hoped I helped! If you need different attire, ask your local tack shop for help! :)

What I Like
by: Rayna

What I think is nice for jumping is a navy show jacket, and cream or khaki riding pants, with a white or creamy-pink color show shirt or a white polo shirt (for polo shirts, Ralph Lauren is who I suggest). You should wear tall black boots, either leather or rubber boots, or paddock boots (with a heel). Make sure they are polished and wear your hair in a bun on the neck, a twisted ponytail or in a helmet or a long braid (if you have long enough hair). Also I would add an undershirt, make it rainbow (like another commenter said) or a plain white tank top.

But what I wear to my shows are a navy show jacket (sometimes pinstriped), a creamy-pink color show shirt (white with pinstriped jacket though), tall black paddock boots, always polished and since I have long hair I usually wear it in a bun or braids. If you have to wear a hairnet make it that it holds ALL your hair, not some strings sticking out okay?

Either way, my suggestion and everybody else's were nice too. Have fun!!!

i know!
by: Anonymous

i ride english but i have read a lot of books to know what to were. what i think looks nice is a grreen or red show jacket with a cream (for red) and lightpinky creamy coulor (green) as a show shirt. Wear tall paddock boots or show boots that are BLACK if you want to look perfesional because Brown or other coulors look more babyies. also make sure the boots are polished, wear your hair in a bun. (if you have to wear a hair net then make sure NO net is showing, Okay?

by: Anonymous

wat u should wear is a pair of tan, white, or beige breeches, tall black boots, or paddock boots (depending how old u r) a riding jsacket, or a tailored jacket, a show shirt.( i would make it so it matches the horses tack, or ur breeches.)
and gloves would be a good idea too. (black or tan) and of course a helmet with velveteen. wear ur hair in a hairnet or tie it back in a pony tail or braid or bun. hope this helps!! :)

Me to the rescue!!!!
by: Anonymous


I understand why you are stressed, but hey you came to the right website and comment.

You will need probablly beige Breeches, Smart High Riding boots (black).
Proper Riding Helmet, you can find them from Horse stores or Ebay.
probably a White Top under neight.
Hope this helped bye.

p.s sorry aboyt my spellings (in a rush :) )

Help! What to wear to show?
by: Josline

For show jumping you will need:tan or beige breeches, show coat (ask about colors), tall riding boots,show helmet,hair net (optional) and you can add some personal colors. (if you like color but you cant wear bright colors,wear a colorful undershirt!)
Hope this helps
and good luck!!

Show clothing
by: Sydney

You will need a jacket - navy, black or pinstriped; show breeches (khaki), paddock boots or tall boots, garters unless you have tall boots, show shirt. Your hair should be in your helmet or in a bun on the neck or braids. At least this is what we wear in our shows. Have fun and good luck!!!

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