Help! What To Wear For My Horse Show?

by Abigail

Well I am going to a show this weekend (it is January 1 2011 when I wrote this) and I need help what to wear.

What should I wear and do with my hair? I have long blond hair, and I am going to be in 1 flat work class and 3 jumping classes.

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When should I Stop using show bows!! HELP
by: Scotty11

I am showing in the Children's pony hunter division. I ride a 13 hand bay pony. What should I do??

horse show
by: Nic

What horse show is this??? I'm so nosy!

Show Clothing
by: Anonymous

If your older for jumping, I would wear a pinstriped, black, or navy show jacket, show breeches (khaki or white), BLACK boots (tall or paddock, I usually prefer paddock boots because they are more comfortable to me), show shirt. I would make sure the show shirt matches your horse's tack, or just a white color that matches your other show clothing (like creamy-pink or white). Wear your hair in a bun on the neck, long braid, or in your helmet. Hair nets are good if you have your hair in your helmet. I recommend you wear your helmet with a velveteen cover if it's not velveteen, and gloves would be a good idea (white or black).

If your younger for jumping, I would wear a pair of casually-colored breeches (navy, khaki, beige) and a nice show jacket(pinstriped or navy). I would wear paddock boots for this. Also, two braids with bows is a good idea for hair, and I think a bun would be nice too. Wear your helmet with a velveteen color, and usually you don't need gloves for this age.

Wear the same things to flat class, or just spotless jeans and a white polo shirt (Ralph Lauren) or something easy to change into/out of would be nice. Wear fabric black gloves, a helmet without a velveteen cover, and your hair in a pretty braid or bun on the neck. Good luck!

Good luck!
by: Anonymous

I'm guessing this is a combined test, eq or hunters? You should wear tan breeches, a show shirt(any light color), a black, grey, or navy shot coat, tall boots OR paddock boots and jod straps, and hair usually depends on your age.

If you're younger wear two braids with bows and if your older wear your hair in your helmet with a hairnet. Good luck at your show!

Show Wear
by: Anonymous

If you are doing jumping classes, I would recommend up in a bun with a hair net or tucked in with the helmet, WEAR A HELMET!. Wear a Blazer for sure! (Unless its Summer then some riders will wear just show shirts) Plus wear a show shirt to! Wear Nice Breeches or Jodhpurs! And Boots, Tall, Paddock, Half Chaps, Jodhpurs straps! Hope this helps! Xoxoxoxo!

My advise
by: Shine

You should wear a long pony tail since you have long blond hair and also wear pants and a riding jacket. Hope this helps!

Don't Worry!
by: Jessica

Well, for jumping what I like is navy blue or red and what I like for the shirt is white for all color jackets, and white or cream jodhpurs (for red), and khaki riding pants (for navy blue) and either paddock boots or tall black leather boots (depending on how old you are). Make sure your boots are black because brown or any other color are kind of babyish for jumping. You should have your hair in a bun on your neck, a long braid, in a hairnet or in your helmet but if it is in a hairnet make sure you can't see the hairnet okay?

For flat classes I usually wear some clean jeans (make sure they are spotless), a white polo shirt and tall black rubber boots or paddock boots. Put your hair in your helmet since it is not very fancy.

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