HELP!!! Refusal issues!

by Kaitie

Okay. I've had the same horse for five years. We're the perfect match and he's the most amazing boy in the entire world. We know each other inside and out. At home, schoolings, and lessons we don't have any problems with refusing and he jumps everything he sees like a dream. But at shows I get nervous, really nervous and he senses it. On course walks I tend to look at the jumps and pick which ones I think he will have trouble with and those are the ones he always refuses. I'm not sure if that's because I know him so well or because I get myself worried about that jump and he senses it. Sometimes he goes over everything perfect but most of the time we end up getting eliminated on the first couple of jumps. The last show we went to was last week, a Pony Club rally. He did amazing all throughout eventing and had the best clear round of his life in showjumping and only one refusal on cross country. However, we didn't get through one showjumping course besides the eventing one and on the last day didn't even get over the first jump :(. So he proved that he is can behave in the ring with that clear round but I'm clueless as to what I did different that time. Any ideas on how to get him to go over everything? Please help.

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Heres some tips:
by: Anonymous

Ok so I own a 4 year old Tb and i am teaching him to jump and i know it can be very tricky so here are some tips:

First of all don't be nervous. . . Horses can sense that and cause them to act up. Second figure out what your horse does. . . Does he like to go to the left or right when he refuses?If he does guard that side with your leg and ride strong. That's how i do it! Thanks for your story.



Hope this helps.
by: Delaney

I havent taken this pony to any shows or anything yet but he used to refuse any jumps that had like flowers stripes etc... and i was sore so i asked my trainer if we could lunge him over the jumps he thought was scary. We didn't force him we just gently coaxed him over them with the lunge whip. Nowadays he jumps like a dream! He rarely refuses any jumps. But if that doesn't work then if he starts drifting out to the side when approaching push him with that leg gently like a half pass and talk to him in a comforting voice and that may work.

I really really hope this helps!

by: Lizzy

Instead of thinking which jumps he'll refuse, think of the jumps that you know he'll make it over, then concentrate on those jumps.

Also, relax and have fun, don't worry about winning, you'll do better if you're confident, because your horse will sense it, and he'll be confident to take on the jumps that may be challenging for him.

by: Alexiea

Talk to him sofly and encourage him. He will eventually go.

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