Help! I get nervous before horse shows...

by Lauren

Heyy i had my first AA horse show last month and i totally freaked out!! i need some help with anxiety at shows. i don't know if its just me who gets nervous or if its everyone...but all i need to know if this can be fixed?

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by: Anonymous

I have been riding for 6 years and showing for 4. When I was a lot younger showing was like a breeze. Now I get extreme horse show anxiety. My nerves started at just IEA shows but soon grew to all of them. They get so bad that after almost every jumping round I do I throw up afterwards.

My anxiety also affects my performance. Although I am not over my nerves, I have learned a few things. Pick a song and sing it over and over again while you are in the ring. I know I always choose the song that pops into my head first. My last show the song happened to be Baa Baa Black sheep.

Also set performance goals, not outcome goals. It isn't always about winning. Finally, practice breathing. Our horse will pick up on you if you are tense.

You will be fine.
by: Anonymous

I will have my first competition tomorrow and I am scared and I am panicking. I have been told to take a deep breath and pretend that I am the only one there and you will be fine.

It's okay
by: Horse Jumper

I've been riding for 4-5 years and I started western and I barrel raced and I got nervous but what I did was just told myself it's okay.

Just smile!
by: Robyn

I've been riding for 4 years and when I go to shows I feel really nervous so what I do is a sit right back in the saddle legs forward and heels back. If u aren't certain with shows I would just trot round the arena jumping. If you are nervous your horse is gonna be really nervous. Relax be calm and smile just imagine u and your horse are the only ones there so it's feels more comfortable.

by: iluvponiz

Hi! I have been showing for over 4 years and riding longer than that. Yes the bigger shows can be a bit overwhelming but what I have done is go to a couple shows but don't show, then when you want to show just tell yourself that your just going to hang out like usual. If that doesn't work then I would go to the show and bring a friend along she(or he) will relax you and help you forget about your nerves. Also it's fun to show your non-horsey friends what you do. Before you go into the ring just relax and tell your self it's just like practice. You know you can do this!!!! I show all the time and now I tend to never get nerves. After a while you don't even think about it anymore! I love to show my Appendix gelding Ace! I do him in Pre-short and soon jumpers on a thoroughbred, arab-thoroughbred mix named Sabrina. I hope this helped you with your showing problems! lol I have a horseshow tomorrow morning!

by: Kaitie

I have had the same horse for five years and showing him for four and a half. He is an amazing jumper and NEVER refuses at home. He's my world, best friend and I trust him with my life. Even so I freak out at shows just before we enter the arena or go on cross country (we compete in eventing). He knows me inside out, backwards, and upside down so when he feels me tense up he refuses (and that is sooo embarrasing). When we walk the course I tend to pick certain jumps that I know he won't like and get myself worried about them and those always end up being our refusals. The best way to prevent that is to ask your trainer to let you walk as late as possible. That way you have less time to think.
Also don't allow yourself time to think of all of the "what if" stuff that comes up because changes are if you overthink them then they will happen. Find some work around the barn you have to do around the barn or just brush your horse until it's time to tack up.
Whatever causes the nerves just pretend that the only two living things in the world are you and your horse (thats how life should be anyway right). Your horse will perform better if you let him or her know that everything is okay and you're not worried. Hope this helps.

by: ~*oLiViA*~

I have been riding for more then 7 years. I have been showing for a year and a half. Even though i have shown quite a few times, i still get nervous. Being nervous is OK, it is only natural. The problem is when we are a nervous wreck, our horses can feel it. Then, it gets dangerous. I have a show in exactly one week, and the things to remember are the following:
~Deep breathing when nervous
~if possible, practice your test or course
~ride a horse u r comfortable on
~Lastly, its NOT about placeing; enjoy yourself and your horse!

Trust your horse
by: Melaina-Joy

Just take a few deep breaths and put all your trust in your horse... if you don't win you don't win, but that doesn't matter. if you trust your horse then he/she will trust you too, keep you safe and try their very hardest for you.

I learned this through having two rescue ponies, without putting my full trust in them they wont do anything.

Its alright
by: Anonymous

I really get nervous with my shows because i compete with champs. All i do is go away from the ring with my horse and work on groundwork or something easy like flexing in the saddle. Otherwise i will stretch and if you have a friend there just sit and talk. When your name is called stay off your horse untill the person ahead of you is about to end their run. When you get to the gate pretend your at home with a bunch of friends and just show'em what you got. And preping before shows just make a list in your head of things you want to do. Then sort them out and do some in the morning so that you keep busy.

by: Anonymous

I get really nervous at shows,especially in the canter classes. just think u an ur horse are the only ones there, and concentrate on what ur doning

Stay Calm
by: Nicole

Nervousness* can't be fixed but can be helped all you gotta do is stay calm, what I do to stay calm is close my eyes then open them and just pretend me I and my horse (Jewel) are the only ones there!!! Hope it helps!!!

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