Help I am nervous about Christmas!!!!!

by Tiffani

Okay, so I have been begging my parents to get me a horse for a very long time we had the room the property but then we moved now we have no property whatsoever and the other day we were on are way into town when my dad started driving around and looking at barns for sale and I thought hay maybe I he buys a barn my dream can come true.

But just then I realized my dad has been looking for a place to store his old cars so maybe I won't get a horse but I can't help but think about me getting my dream for Christmas and I would be so disappointed if I didn't get a horse.

So I really need someone to like tell me how to get my mind off of getting this horse or help me somehow.

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still waiting
by: Anonymous

I've been waiting for ages but don't give up on hope just yey one day they'll have to say yes it might not be this Christmas but u can count on the next! good luck.

it's ok
by: Anonymous

well do you have a friend that as a horse if you do you can visit a lot and it would make you feel like that horse is your own then when christmas comes you will see if you'll get a horse.

i hope i help! :)
by: smoothlov of en's ranch

hi there!

if you want a horse to ride you can always do riding lessons or lease a horse it is cheaper then owning them and if you can't keep a horse because you don't have enough land then you could always board it at a near by ranch!

if you can't do any of the above the try getting a few model horses (breyer horses are one of the best brands)

hope i helped! :)


It's okay
by: Anonymous

Maybe you won't get one this year it's okay, there's always next year. Anyway I've always wanted a horse to I still haven't got one yet. :(

Get lessons
by: sassyzebra

i'm not allowed a single pet. I live in london. I don't have a garden. I have horse riding lessons at West London stables. I suggest you do to. I LOVE zebras and horses and pony's and zorses and zedonks and zonkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or just get addicted to FRIV!

Merry Christmas!!
by: Anonymous

Well there is no way to stop thinking about a horse for Christmas trust me I know I wanted a horse for six years and finally I got one. I am so thankful but tell your parents the truth and that you would be so happy to have a horse, and that it would mean the world soon. they realize how much it means to you and they will think sincerely about it.

what happened to me :)
by: horselover33

you could go to a local stable and help out? that's what helped me for awhile, but now i am getting a horse!
the owner of the stable could give you a certain horse to care for when ever you go there. that's what happened to me.

me too
by: Sydney from

I want a horse more than anything else! And I don't think I'll get one yet either. :(

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