Help! Doing first show in Summer!

by Georgia

Okay, so I'm doing my first show in the summer. I don't know what I'd like to do though as I haven't really got a specific talent yet. But what I really need to know is what you actually do in a show! I have no idea!

The owner of the yard I go to is taking us, she really is like a second mum, as the yard is a second home as I am there all the time even though I don't own or loan a horse myself. I just go to spend time with the horses and look after them.

It would be really good if you could tell me what to do in steps from start to finish just so I could think about what I'll need to do. We'll obviously have a little practice at the yard first but it would be amazingly helpful just for more advice.

Thank You!!!

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Its ok
by: Anonymous

So basically when you get to the show you will go get a number and register, which is pretty simple, then you will get your horse from the trailer, tack up and start warming up. Then you come out of the ring and wait for your class to start.

You ride in your class, get a ribbon and then you either put your horse back in the trailer or if you are riding in another class, wait for it to start.

I recommend not jumping your first show unless you are very comfortable jumping. Flat classes are pretty straight forward almost like a game of Simon says. You just do as your told and try your best.

Remember, train like you've never won, compete like you've never lost.

Good luck!

You'll be fine
by: Anonymous

You will be fine. I had a friend who did her first show and she came in first. Hope this helped.

take a chill pill girl!
by: Leila

if your doing english, i would consider showjumping. its quite simple if you like jumping, and you can chose what height and age group to be in! for western: i can't say much, but my favorite thing in the whole equine word is western and barrel racing. but i'm in ireland so there is no such thing as barrel racing/western riding here. if you want to you can try b.r but i don't mind.

Horse show help!
by: Horseluver4evernever

Okay. Well you haven't really mentioned in your post if you're doing english or western. That can make all the difference about what you wear and what you need to work on. I will give you tips for english but since I do not do western I will provide you with a link to a western show help website.

If you are doing hunters under saddle or equitation, you will need to look clean and perfect. Depending on the level of the show, you will need different things. Remember, the judges will like it if you overdress because that means you are respectful. So, the most common way to dress that the judges love is a navy blue show coat, a white show shirt, tan jodhpurs, black paddock boots, garder straps, black or white or tan gloves, and a black velvet helmet(most popular in the ring is Charles owen, GPA, or IRH) and hair in two french braids with bows matching ur shirt. ( this is for under twelve.)
If ur over twelve, everything is the same except.... U will need tan breeches, tall leather black field boots, and instead of ur hair in braids and bows, put it in a hair net that matches ur hair colour.
Your horse should be trained to move off your leg commands. If not ,do some work with him. Squeeze him with ur leg, if he doesn't respond, click with ur tongue, if he won't respond right away, give him a whack behind ur leg with a crop. This taught my school proof show horse that she had to move of my leg within two lessons. If u r competing in jumping, u will need your horse to either land his leads or do flying lead changes. The judge will hate it if u canter the course on the wrong lead. TO land it, put weight in ur outside stirrup, and open ur inside rein. Ur horse might not do this so just do a very quick simple change.
Don't be will be just fine. Bring lots of water and. Food to.


This website will help you.
Good luck. Wish u luck. Hope this helped!!!

You'll do fine
by: Anonymous

You will rock it! Just talk a lot to get rid of your nerves and go in the ring and do it. If your horse doesn't place, still pat him and tell him he did a great job. If you only get a sixth place, remember, 6th place is the prettiest ribbon. Bring treats to reward you and your horse and remember, HAVE FUN!

no idea
by: Anonymous

I would try to help, but we have no idea what you're doing. You never even said if you're doing westerner English, so we don't know if you're barrel racing or doing dressage. there's so many different events that you could be doing, so you just need to tell us that :)

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