by Lindy

Hello, I'm Lindy and I love horses. I have been riding since I was ten and I love it!!! Of course there were times when I almost gave up riding. Like when a grumpy pony named Arizona bit me and I got a huge purple bruise and cried a lot. I also really considered giving up when I had to ride a super grumpy horse who would freak out when I tried to do his girth up. But there were always people who helped me and cheered me up.

Recently someone who is in the same riding class as me told me something really neat. She told me "never give up horseback riding because there is nothing else like it." She is so right, there is nothing else as special and amazing as horseback riding.

I am so glad I never gave up.

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Nov 14, 2010
by: Clare

That's awesome! Never give up riding unless you break your back ... But even then !!! :):):):)

Oct 17, 2010
good for you
by: Sydney

don't ever give up on doing the things you love!

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