Heaven at Hollywood Hoofbeats Farm ( book 1)

by Ellie

(made up) please do not copy!

Heaven at Hollywood
Only one more stall to clean....... Every day
after school
I come to Hollywood Hoofbeats Barn, the only place to
in LA. I also come here extra early on the weekends so
i get to ride my favorite horse, Chester. Chester is a
great hunter-jumper......... "hurry up Ellie! I want you to come here"
Luna the riding instructor called. "Coming" I
said, crashing into the manure bucket nearly dumping it
over. " Ellie i would like you to meet Lulu" Luna introduced
us. Lulu looked like someone that had just come out of a
movie. she had wavy short brown hair and blazing blue eyes." Ellie, please take Lulu's horse Prancer to her stall and then help Lulu get situated". "OK" i said. After prancer was in her stall, Lulu told me about herself: " I have alot of pets that are always full of energy" she said " I also have a older sister that is REALLY bossy" " I have a younger brother and a lazy, fat puppy" I told Lulu. I was beginning to get to know Lulu when Luna called " it's time for your lesson Lulu, Ellie
you can get on Chester." I decided to go on a trail ride since Luna was using the erena. Chester loves the trail; he eats most of the way and then he splashes in the icy cold lake, getting me all wet.
Lulu comes every Saturday at 8:00. We usually ride together and then we walk over to my house for lunch. One Saturday Luna announced " There is a horse show coming up in two weeks and i would like everyone to enter. we all cheered. As Luna passed around the sign-up sheet I noticed Alissa ( my arch enemy) sign herself up with Chester. Lulu of course signed herself up with Prancer and Jane (Alissa's best friend) signed me up with Brownie. " Remember once you have signed up you can't drop out or change horses" Luna said. I told Lulu what had happened with Jane and Alissa. " That's not fair! Alissa doesn't even like Chester" said Lulu " also, Brownie doesn't even jump two feet" I chimed in. I guess I'm entering in the cross-rail class, i thought. Brownie is a bay pony that Luna uses for the younger riders.

The next week and a half was complete chacos. Everyone was getting ready for the horse show. Some people even skipped school to get more practice. Luna was running around crazily yelling directions left and right. At last, the day of the show............ i thought. During the past week i had barely gotten to see Lulu. Also, i had gotten 2 complaints and 1 rider crying that i "took" brownie. " Finally, were at the show!" Luna exclaimed. "Up next for our cross-rail division is......... Ellie Ryan riding Brownie!" the judge announced as i trotted in to the show ring. " White diagonal line, judges line, single brown, outside line, circle," i whispered to my self, riding brownie perfectly throughout the course. " GO ELLIE! GO ELLIE!" Lulu sounded like part of a cheerleeding squad as she shouted " GO ELLIE!" about 10 more times. "Great job" said Lulu, Luna, and a few other people i didn't know as i exited the erena. we all talked for a while until the judge announced the places: " for the cross-rail class the placings are as follows: 1st place goes to Ruthy Barnes riding Moonlight, 2and place goes to Ellie Ryan riding Brownie, 3rd place-------" I zoned out after hearing my name. Next,it was time for Lulu, Alissa, Jane, and Sarah's class. Alissa went perfectly around the 2-foot course riding Chester. Then it was Jane's turn who rode her horse Ladybug that had a few messups: ladybug refused once and also got the wrong lead at the canter.Then, it was Sarah's turn,Sarah was riding a horse named Misty who looked around 15 years old and had a cut on her leg. Next it was Lulu's turn "I'm sooooo nervous" she told me " iv'e never been in a show on Prancer" "you'll do great" i reassured her. Lulu heard the judge's voice crackle to life "Up next: Lulu Jackson riding Prancer." By the look on her face you could tell that she was concentrating on prancer's every little step. You could hear "judges line" or " single brown" as she rode past. When she trotted out of the ring she had a big smile on her face. Then the judge announced the placings: "for our 2-foot class the placings are as follows, 1st place goes to Lulu Jackson riding Prancer, 2and place goes to Alissa Mable riding Chester, 3rd place goes to Sarah Kelly riding Misty and 4Th place goes to Jane Flexi riding Ladybug.

Lulu had won!!!!!! Alissa looked like she could burst into tears any second. "Here Ellie you can have Chester, he's a horrible horse." she said " I'm gonna get a horse of my own so that i don't have to keep riding lousy school horses." "OK" i said happily, with a sigh of relief. "Great job Lulu you did amazing!" said everyone (except Alissa and Jane) " Thanks, but don't tell me tell that to prancer she did all the work" Lulu said obviously satisfied with her speech. "Wanna come over to my house for a sleepover?" Lulu asked. "YA" i replied. "we can walk from here" she said.

As we were walking home i finally realized that:
I Had found a TRUE
FRIEND. And her name is Lulu Jackson.

THE END Look for book 2 and 3 soon posted

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Jul 07, 2010
your story
by: Sydney

we did! thanks for sharing...

Jul 06, 2010
This is ellie
by: Anonymous

I hope you like my story.... enjoy!

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