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My New Heart Horse - December 2017

If you're an equestrian, you've likely heard the term heart horse. But what is a heart horse? The definition of a heart horse differs for each and every person.

My heart horse is a spirited OTTB. He loves to go fast and is headstrong. He is sweet and loves to please once you've developed a connection. He isn't the easiest ride, he isn't the most beautiful horse to everyone else but he is the most beautiful thing to me.

He makes me laugh when I don't even want to smile. He brings out the best in me, in the ring and out. He makes me happier with myself and everyone around me when I'm with him. He makes me realize my dreams are possible and if I work for them they will come true. I can tell him anything and I know he won't ever judge me.

The beautiful thing about a heart horse is they don't even have to be yours. My heart horse is ridden by at least 2 other riders a week but we still have a connection like no other. He's a lesson horse and I know he can get swept away at any point but if its truly your heart horse you wont let go without a fight.

Have you found your heart horse?

Peppy, my first heart horse

Hopefully, in at least once in every equestrian's life they come across a very special horse.

Now, this horse is always the most obedient or the most talented or beautiful, it's something quite unexplainable actually. It's the horse that brings out the best in you in the ring and out.

Not only do they teach you to be a better rider but also a better person. That horse tends to love you before you love yourself. They see something valuable in you that you just can't see.

If you're ever lucky enough to come across that horse in your life, never let go. This horse not only changes you but your view on the world. You find that you're much happier with yourself and the world around you when you are with this animal.

With them, you are everything you wished for. And when you're on their back, it's truly heaven on earth.

Now live, and never let go.

I love you Peppy. No matter what, I will never let go...

True Love

A short story about Peppy and I...

Her eyes grow excited and full of affection as the car pulls up the driveway. As she spotted some horses in a pasture to the left she took notice in three particular horses. A bay with a heart-shaped star, a tall flea-bitten grey, and a cute black and white paint horse.

Wondering which one was Peppy, the horse she was assigned to ride in the horse club clinic, she got out of the car and followed her parents into a barn.

She introduces herself to one of the riding instructors and follows her out to the pasture with a green and tan checkered halter with a matching hunter green lead rope.

"This is Peppy, the horse you are going to ride," the woman says smiling and points to the black and white paint horse.

At that moment, my world stopped. I never thought a horse would bring so much joy into my life... but he did.

I Love You

The last two years have been magical for me. I'll never forget the first time I set eyes on Peppy. He was covered in dirt grazing happily. I instantly fell in love with him.

The first year was painful for me because I only rode him four times but I loved him so much. I only started in a 4h horse club so I only got to ride once a month and only ten times that year.

Every night, I would lay in bed with a flashlight shining it on my only photo of Peppy thinking about him and imagining what it would be like if he were mine.

In 2016, I started taking lessons twice a month and riding in club events once a month. The first three lessons, I rode a buckskin paint horse named Elvis. It hurt so bad to not be able to ride my favorite horse. The fourth lesson, I racked up the courage to ask if I could ride Peppy and my trainer said yes!

After that lesson, I continued to ride Peppy lesson after lesson. We began bonding. I have ridden Peppy in almost every lesson since then.

I rode Elvis in a lesson, a young pony named Ty my trainer wanted me to try out in a lesson, but otherwise, I have ridden my boy.

2017 has been the best year ever! I have learned so much and Peppy and I have formed a very close bond. Its taken some time and a lot of hard work but Peppy now knows me inside and out. He knows all of my deepest secrets. He knows everything I have done, bad things and good. He is always there for me when I need someone. I love him more than anything.

Here is a poem of thanks to my best friend...

You know everything about me
From my worst secrets to my best
Your heart is connected to mine
I want you to know my love for you

So many memories shared between us
So many loving moments here
What did I ever do to deserve you?
I want you to know my love for you

My Heart Horse

Patches of black on a snow white background
Dark brown eyes kindness showing deep
A treasure beyond rare
He is a friend to keep

He follows me without a lead
He calms at my slightest touch
He whinnies when I come into sight
He is a light to guide my life

We understand each other in a way that is almost surreal
No words aloud but thousands spoken in silence
When I'm riding him he makes me feel so free
He is the horse for me

My heart horse holds the key to my heart
And I hold the key to his
We're were made for each other
He is my dream come true
He is my heart horse.

Thank you for being my heart horse, Peppy!

3 Years with Peppy

It's been three years since this horse walked into my life. The horse that taught me more than I could possibly imagine an animal could teach. He taught me courage, happiness, freedom and of course love. I've never felt more love for anything in my entire life.

I haven't ridden him in over 4 months but my love hasn't sunk at all. I still think about him so much. When I go to the barn, I make a point to spend time with him. I miss him so so much. I love him more than anything in this world. He is truly my heart horse. My soulmate. My best friend.

3 years ago
on this special day
You walked into my life
and stole my heart away

I remember it like yesterday
I remember it in every way
I love you more than words can say

I never knew what love meant
until you were by my side
I never knew freedom
before you

I miss you like crazy
and I love you even more
Just promise you won't forget me
And still be my best friend like before...

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May 04, 2018
by: Stardust and peppy

Nice job, you did great! Its funny cause I have a pony named Peppy! I have two horses, stardust and peppy!

Apr 20, 2018
Horses Rock This World
by: Heartbeat For Horses

Also my friend showed me this poem so I don't know if that's where she got it from :)

Apr 20, 2018
by: Heartbeat For Horses

No I didn't copy this :) I would give credits to her if I did. I know you're not being rude!

Mar 10, 2018
Did you copy this?
by: Horses Rock This World!!!!!!

Did you copy this from the video horsesarelife03 made about her heart horse Patrick? This is only because her video says the exact same thing that it says at the beginning of what you wrote. I'm not trying to be rude or anything!

May 23, 2017
by: Heartbeat for Horses

Thank you!

May 18, 2017
by: hoofbeats

That is SO sweet Heartbeat for horses!

Apr 13, 2017
by: CC

Wow! That was amazing. You and Peppy have such a wonderful love for each other. Thanks for sharing!

Apr 08, 2017
by: Anonymous

I know what you mean. I have met my heart horse already and what you said is soooooo true!!!

Apr 06, 2017
by: Heartbeat for horses

Thank you!

Apr 04, 2017
by: hoofbeats

This is so cool!

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