Have a horse show.. I'm so scared.. Any advice?

by Sydney

Any advice would help.. really appreciate it!

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don't be scared
by: shaistars

hey don't be scared, every time i ride at my lessons with my friends i have a feeling that i'm going to throw up every time i ride and every time i get to the stables i feel like it is a horse show and i'm going today and i feel like riding english and throwing up at the same time but i love riding so much that i just put it behind me. just trust you're horse and you will do fine. so don't be scared to do a horse show.

hope it helps
by: Anonymous

One tip is to pick your favorite judge and when they are not looking, you can school if you have to. Also, say in your mind that you are not showing, you are simply having a lesson. That seems to help me.

Its okay
by: Anonymous

I have been through many horse shows..... I have gotten a few 2nd places. It's no big deal. My instructor told me "It didn't happen unless the judge saw it".

Me too
by: Anonymous

I am going to my first horse event this summer and I am really nervous too. Don't worry, well both make it though.

Have fun!
by: Sydney from HorseCrazyGirls.com

Don't worry, even if you are nervous it's really fun to be in a horse show! Just focus on your horse and try to have fun. And if no, don't worry, it will go sooo fast. :-)

Let us know how you do.

by: NHHorse (via Hootsuite)

Jump grids 8 to 12 jumps with single strides in between, then she can't rush and halt at end.

by: RateMyHorsePro (via Hootsuite)

Breathe and have fun. Good luck.

by: graciepinata

I have never been in a horse show but I play alot of sports and play the clarinet and before I go up on stage or out to play my sport I either pray to God or take a deep breath knowing that I will do good. If you go out without confidence you know in yourself you won't do good.

by: charlotte collins

I have never been to a show before but a boy who goes to my school and is in year 11 has and he always give me tips on how to improve after every lesson that I ride with him and a few other experienced riders, I am a novice so his advice really does help and he is always on hand to offer advice which is really reassuring. He says things like: Always stay focused on your horse only block out everyone else around you, this will help you to become more skilled and confident working with experienced riders. Always stay positive and believe in youself because I have a habit of being negative towards my riding so he always says stay positive. He is very shy and reserved like me whereas everyone else is really loud so he is really approachable. My biggest piece of advice is to ask someone who you know and are happy talking to you, who is more experienced and advanced than you for advice. Matt( the boy in year 11 that I know) always gives me valuable advice and I am learning from him every lesson.

don't worry
by: lucinda

don't worry I've been to a camp before I haven't entered but I know what it's like but listen, keep your chin up and eyes forward. your going to do great also read horse books they usually give advises.

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