Hanuka and me

by Shoshana

It all started a year ago. I was in London and decided i wanted to have riding lessons. So after a long time of conviencing my parents, i got riding lessons. I became devoted to ponies, horses and minature horses. Then I went to camp and met lots of cool friends. I got to take care ifmy very own pony named Hanuka. She was so sweet. When her saddle was crooked she didnt buck, rear, squeal or anything she just stood there waiting for me. Another thing, she helped me win 1st place in cross country. She is such an angel and sweet heart. You can even tell what shes thinking for example when she trusts the person who is on her back she sighs and when you put the bit in her mouth she actually smiles!! I love Hanuka. Sorry i cant put a picture of her but soon I will!

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