haly loves starbuck

by haly

me and starbuck!

me and starbuck!

hi I'm haly with out the e and i have a 15 hand quarter horse gelding. His name is Starbuck and he is 8 years old. i love him very much. he is soooooo calm and loveable and great to ride. he is the best horse ever!

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Dec 23, 2008
by: Anonymous

I wish I had a horse!Yours looks wonderful!!!I might get one in a couple years...he's only 3.And not saddle trained.he's also a chincotige.ever hered of them?anyway,your horse looks like a great one!later-Katie- = )

Nov 02, 2008
by: Jasmine

I know who you feel he is beautiful!
My Horse Brave is really friendly!
When i've groomed him, when i go into the tack room e shakes all over and his mane goes all frizzy!
Your horse is so cool!!!

Oct 25, 2008
by: chloe

i have a standard bred whose name is honey. she won't do anything wrong and loves to trot. she has the most amazing life. she was first a race horse for trotting and then she was owned by older people that loved her dearly but couldn't take care of her so my moms friend bought her but didn't have a place to keep her (antisocial horse) so she gave her to us. it is very fun to ride her she has the smoothest trot ever.

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