Haileys Horse Cazy

by Hailey

I've been horse crazy since i can remember.I always visit my grandparents on the weekend and they own like 9 or 10 horses.It is too bad that they are Racing horses not riding horses:). But i am grateful they have horses they feel like mine:).

My dad was horse crazy too but he traded his horse for a car at 18!!!!!How could he?:).I would have loved to grow up with horses. My mom uhhh she is one of those town people who doesn't like the smell of horses,barns.

My sister she is a lil like my mom but she has a lil animal lover in her:) She adores animals but...not too crazy about the smell.My brother is a lil like me now that i think about it we are both like my dad.We don't mind the smell,we both love animals.

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