Gypsy, Jane, and Darcy

Well, I started loving horses ever since I can remember. My first horses and ponies were, Frisky, Smokey, Paddy, Jane, and Lizzie. (My dad's horse, Prince,had died, so he rode Lizzie.) Jane always had a place in my heart, but we had to put her down, which my moom into the picture, and has been riding ever since.

We recently bought two horses, and a pony. The pony's name was Dancer, which fit her, but we came up with an even better name! Ginger. The horses' name was Gypsy and Dundy. We changed Dundie's name to Denny, because that's the man from snowy river's horses' name, which we watch A LOT! We kept Gypsy and I ride her in 4-H.

I haven't told you about Darcy yet! Well, the half a year before Lizzie and my dad were going on a packtrip turns out, Lizzie had a foal a week before they were going. Uh, oh! There comes a little foal of trouble! We named him Mr. Darcy because his mother was named after Lizzy of Pride and Prejudice. So, that's a long story!

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