Gypsy girls like horses too!

by Thea and John

Gypsy girl(s)

Gypsy girl(s)

Hi Sydney

Like your website very much!

On our trip trough Europe we met many girls like you! We even met a Gypsy girl, same age you are. She was very interested in our wagon but more in the two haflinger ladies: Aysha and Isabella

This is what happened:

Today is a very hot day. Aysha is tired en we decide to stop early. Although, this day we arrive on a spot where lots of caravans, trailers and Mercedes Mobil homes already parked. They belong to the modern type of gypsies that travel throughout Germany.

When we arrive with our “haflinger beauties” we do not have to complain about interest.

The family next to us has three kids, two bigger boys and a young girl. The horses are very appealing to them because they know they used to own some horses themselves. Richard, the eldest, is telling us with a sparkle in his eyes and big gestures, that his horse was called Ramses, because it was a proud horse and it needed a big name.

I promise them, they can ride the horses if they want to. The girl is very enthusiastic and later she returns to tell us that Richard want to ride as well. When the moment there, the girl is really enjoying the ride but Richard thinks it’s a bit weird. He doesn’t want to anymore, that’s what he says, but his face is telling me something else.

I give him a choice: mount from the left or from the right and within two seconds he’s on top of Aysha and rides two full laps around the grassland with a grin from one ear to the other.

We made a picture of the gypsy girl sitting on Aysha!

Have fun with your website and keep telling your stories!

Cheers: Thea and John

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Dec 26, 2007
No title
by: Bailey

I <3 that story! i remember i was just like that when i was little. i was scared at first but then i was hooked! Anyway that story was really cool.

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