guiness, warburton and moo

by melissa

this is guiness i am teaching him to play...

this is guiness i am teaching him to play...

...follow the leader and to jump 6 foot after jumping him a wall that was 5 foot.

i am a really horse crazy girl and have three adorable ponies called guiness,warburton and moo. i don't have much money and i did only have moo my adorable big palomino.i rescued warburton my grey one eyed pony who is always muddy. guiness was a hyper pony but once again i came and stopped my riding instructor from selling him.i also share a really big horse called hector with my best friend meggie. me and my best friend meggie have our horses at my house and i have my own block of stables and arena and small paddock as my house used to be a farm also i have a few jumps because guiness is awesome at jumping.

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