by brooke
(redwater texas i know its long but i worked really hard on it and i think its good please leave a comment)

I never knew what it was like to be outside of my mom until just a while ago, I didn?t know there was a world out there. I could hear strange things and feel something sometimes. But I couldn?t imagine all the green pastures and wooden fences. I was scared at first but my mother was there for me and I felt safe. My name is Kiowa im a bay quarter horse. There is a lot of other foals too. There is jellybean, she is a beautiful palomino filly. Then there is Sami, she is kinda stuck up she is a beautiful paint filly. She has her reasons to be stuck up her mom is a famous barrel racer and her dad is a jumper whose won a lot of trophies. Then last but not least there is Ricky he is a leopard appaloosa. He is the most beautiful colt in the world. They are all my really close friends. But I have other friends too like buddy, he is a baby fox he lives next to the back of the pasture in a tunnel. We all go play every day. Well until our moms call us in for supper. And then there is tears, the family kitten, and Susie Q, the family puppy we are all close to. Then there are the humans. I only see them once a day we are all scared of them I even feel fear from mother when they come near. They come and watch us, all the mothers and foals are tense and spooky when they are around. Mother has told me stories about the human how some are good but some are very mean and horrible. Mother told me a story about one of her friends that she grew up with and one day three men came into the pasture and tried to catch her , she ran to her mother but she couldn?t do anything, they had caught her too. They loaded them into a really small trailer and my mom never seen them since. But then my mom tells me about the wild horses that roam the green valleys. And how wonderful it is. I always wish that I could live there with all my friends and family were no one would take us or hurt any of us.
It was a regular day like any other it was me and Sami, Ricky, and jellybean. We were playing tag with buddy. We were weaned from our moms but still stayed next to them for protection. In the middle of our game we all hear a blood curling scream that stopped us in our tracks. As we looked up we saw our mothers with ropes around their necks and two humans walking toward us. My heart stopped. I told buddy to run and stay in his tunnel. I told my friends that I loved them and to run and bite and kick and do whatever they could to stay away from them. As they inched closer I took off like a bullet out of a gun knocking down one of the men and ran strait for mother. When I hear a scream and looked back and they had Sami cornered. And were hitting her and trying to rope her I looked back at mother she was trying to break loose and wasn?t going anywhere so I took a sharp turn and ran strait for the man getting up that I knocked down and ran over him and hit the back of the man with Sami. Jellybean and Ricky are running up there already and I told Sami to run and help her mom. I turned and kicked the man so hard it felt like I broke my hoof. And I ran as fast as I could to mother. When I got up there I looked back to make sure they weren?t going to come up from behind and they were still on the ground. I looked at the man with mother and charged. But as soon as I reached him he had a long skinny black thing and he hit me hard, hard enough that I fell to the ground in pain. But mother using the distraction gave her the chance to break free, she turned and kicked the man right in his chest. It made a loud cracking noise and he dropped like stone. I managed to get up with mothers help. We looked and the man had Ricky and his mom going for the trailer, lucky for us they left the gate open. We ran out and the humans lived next to a wooded area. My mom told me to run for the woods and I did like I never did before. But I only heard my hooves. I stopped to look and mother was helping the others. Ricky and his mom were running toward me followed by jellybean and her mom. Then came Sami and her mom and dad. But my mom still haven?t came. The others were beside me yelling for her. But she never answered. I ran up there to find her being dragged by five men into the trailer. I yelled to her and told her that I loved her and that I was sorry that I couldn?t do anything. The terror in her eyes made me break down in tears. As she got smaller and smaller down the road I fell to the ground. Sami?s mom came and helped me up for the men were now coming for us. I got up and ran, ran like the wind. we hit the woods in a couple seconds and looked back the men had gave up and went home. We slowed to a walk. We walked all night until we came to a meadow . A wild meadow with wild flowers and a running stream. It was almost perfect. The only thing that was missing was?.mom. In the meadow there was other wild foals and there mothers, and every now and again we would see a stallion or two. They were doing whatever, whenever. Without worrying about anything. Its just as I pictured it. But still mother was missing. I felt like I could have done something but im only a little foal. A foal without a mother to teach it how to graze and what to eat and what not to eat. So much I didn?t know. I felt empty. I had lost something that could never be replaced. I wasn?t sure how I was supposed to feel. Its been almost a year. I occasionally go and talk to buddy. But this day was different. I walked through the forest to find buddy running through the forest toward me. I stop and he comes to me out of breathe and scared. He told me something that scared me. He said that the humans have got new horses and they have babies who are almost weaned. Flashbacks popped into my head of that horrible day. I couldn?t let that happen again. I ran toward the herd and told buddy to tell the horses that I was coming and to be ready. As I got to the herd I explained to the others what was going on and what we were going to do. They were sad but ready. There was only four of us. The parents are too old and slow we don?t want to risk getting them captured. As we headed out as soon as it got dark we made our long journey through the forest. It took a couple hours but we reached the edge and buddy was there waiting. He had some of his friends with him like the local beaver. He can help by chewing down the wooden fence. We creep up to were we can see the house, we pause in fear. There is still a light on in the house. After about ten minutes the light goes off. We creep up there slowly and meet the others. There are four babies, and three moms. The twins were younger than the others but high spirited. The beaver starts chewing, it takes a while. Its starting to break dawn and he is on the third pole. We only need three to get them out. He was almost done when we heard a loud spooking boom. We stop in fear and look up. We see two big men running toward us with big metal things, I think there called guns. The stupid beaver takes off running. With so little time and pressure I did what came natural I kicked it as hard as I could and I felt a pain in my hoof that I never felt before. I knocked it loose and kicked it again and it fell. All the horses got out and we were running, but something was wrong. I couldn?t make it out until I turned around. The had Ricky. I stopped and yelled to the others. And ran for him, I couldn?t let it happen again. I wasn?t. the men see me coming and backed down. I was much bigger and stronger. So was Ricky but something else was wrong. one of the men went to get something. It was the gun. We were running for the woods when we hear a loud ground shaking boom. As soon as I heard it I felt the most painful thing hit my back leg. I fell and fell hard. It hurt bad I couldn?t get up. I just lay on the ground helpless. Ricky was beside and with his help I got up and tried to walk to the woods. As soon as I reached the meadow I collapsed. I got better and am now a strong, graceful, intelligent leader. I teach all the new foals in my herd how to protect themselves and others. The people that lived there had moved or died, but their gone. And now everyone can truly be careless and free.


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Aug 17, 2011
Always Greener Pastures
by: Alexander Zilo

Great article... very creative and ingenious writing!

Mar 15, 2009
Nice story!

Hey, that's a great story! I must say it sounds a lot like the story I wrote (Demon).
One thing: Why did the humand come to take the horses? Was it because they where being taken to the slaughterhouse as in the case of my story?

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