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I think it's an awesome website. If you want another pony, they don't mind multi-accounts (no way to transfer money/ponies anyway).

If your pony's health/energy/hunger levels have gone down, head back to the barn. Untack, brush (soft brush, at the top of the grooming box) and pick its feet, then take off its halter. Go outside the stall, and click on the box of hay. Then, click on the stall, and put the box in front of your pony. Log out for a while, it will eat. Also, you can go to the Vending Machine in the Barn, and click on the Apple/carrot/Pasture Treats (best choice). To feed, click on "Inventory" (at the top of the page), and then click on the treat you want to feed. "Feed Animal", then click on your pony's head. The pony's health will go up. Same for you.

You can't ride Splash or Daisy because they are lesson horses. You can only groom them for money.

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