Grand Turk Horse Adventure

by Hannah

When I was on vacation in Grand Turk to see my grandfather, one day my mom said something about this place up the road that takes people on trail rides and a swim on horseback. I begged to go. That night I could barely sleep. SOOOO EXCITED!!!!

The next morning when we got there I was shaking with excitement. Plus I was super nervous, (I had only ridden once on a pony at a zoo.)

As soon as we mounted I was shaking. We weren't wearing helmets! We were riding Western so my knuckles were turning white from clutching the saddle horn! Embarrassing! The trail ride was long but I enjoyed every moment of it!!!

When we got back we switched into our bathing suits and put some sort of water proof saddle and off we went! We went into the water and BAM!! The horses were galloping madly and banging into each other. It was amazing! Boy, that was the best part of that vacation.

Also it got me super Horsecrazy!

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