Gracie's Foal - Part 1...PLEASE COMMENT FOR PART 2!!!!

by Doree



Isabelle Grayson stared at the grave which covered her chestnut mare, Gracie. "Come on Izzy. Let's go home." Izzy pulled away from her step-father's grasp. "She was a great horse, an amazing horse! Its getting dark out, we have to go sweetie." Said her mom. Izzy tore her gaze away from the grave and up to her mother's. A tear softly made it's way down her face.

All of a sudden, Izzy threw herself beside the grave and started to sob. Her best friend was dead. Gone. Forver. There was so many ways to put it. She pounded the earth angrily. She felt someone's arms go around her. She didn't fight. Izzy fell into an exashted heap in her step-father's arms. Everything went black for Izzy.

Two Weeks Later

Isabelle Woke up. It was early morning. she got up and brushed her hair. She hadn't really bothered brushing her dark brown curls every since Gracie died. But tomorrow was the end of spring break. Izzy stared at herself in the mirror. Her brown eyes had a red tinge to it from crying so much. How am I going to surive the 8th grade without the best friend? Izzy asked herself. She glanced around and her eyes landed on the picture of her and Gracie. The thoroughbred/hackney mare stood tall and proud. Isabelle sat on her back. A blue ribbon was pinned to Gracie's bridle, after winning the jumping competition that day.

The bay mare shown so beautifully in the picture, Izzy felt tears running down her face. "Izzy, come downstairs for breakfast!" Called her mom. Izzy tore her eyes away from the photo and headed down the stairs. "Here. Eat." Izzy stared at the plate of steaming eggs and bacon her mother and just placed in front of her. "Honey. Today I contacted the man who use to own Gracie." Izzy grimaced as she thought of him. His name was Georgie browns. He use to abuse the mare. But luckily, Izzy had spotted him in the act and stopped it.

"He told me,that she was bred to a stallion. She had a foal a couple weeks before the found her. That foal was sold a couple times around. I called around to every owner who ever had it and finally I found the owner. He agreed to sell us the foal, well now its actually a five year old. He said that the horse can't be trained, that it's crazy. But I know you can turn it around. We're picking it up tomorrow." Her mother let out a big breath and smiled. Izzy just stared at her mom. what was going to happen now? PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!

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Mar 16, 2011
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