Graceful Horse (poem)

by Erika
(Coaldale, Alberta, Canada)

Photo credit: Aischmidt via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: Aischmidt via I'd Pin That

A horse is a dancer;
Graceful and tall
Holds you in spirit
Together, one and all

A horse is an artist
Different, bright and bold
Showing you choices
You never knew you had

A horse is a athlete
Muscular and strong
Tries hard and if he fails
Will not give up, and tries again

A horse is a champion
Brave, strong and true
Realizes potential, loves,
and never gives up on you.

A horse is something that cannot be named
For it is too perfect, to bright to be tamed
Hold it close and cherish it
Lest one day you realize that you never knew

It was so amazing, so perfect and good
And then your life has lost it
The horse is not yours.
So hold it carefully, this precious jewel

And one day you'll finally know
If it wasn't for it you'd long be below
The Horse

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Feb 22, 2015
Very nice!
by: Sydney from

I really enjoyed your poem - it's got a great rhythm to it!

Feb 21, 2015
pretty good
by: Anonymous

cool, feels kinda rushed though? maybe spend more time on it, otherwise GREAT! SO true:)

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