Goodbye Ratearl

by Elanza

How would u feel if the horse u loved for 4 years of your life gets taken away? Your life in ruin?
This is the story of the horse that changed my life.

When i was 8 i got a arab X boerperd called Jinx. She was the scariest horse ever. when I got her I just recovered from breaking my arm cuz of a horse ,so i was pretty scared of horses and she didn`t help one bit.

I started not wanting to ride because she kept trowing me.I wanted to quit but I loved a other horse on the farm Ratearl.

Ratearl was a bay thoroughbred. He was very cute only about 15 hands but we were perfect for each other after months of begging my mom sold Jinx and I leased my big bay boy:)

He was the love of my life but he wasn't all mine and he was already 15 years old. He raced so I wasn't allowed to jump bigger than 40cm.I wanted to go to big shows jump like a pro but I couldn't.
I accepted it though I just loved him to much to care.

We had a bond like no other. I knew he loved me and I still love him with all my heart.
After 4 years my life was ruined. My trainer of 6 years left me. My best friend Christine moved away. I moved to a other school and worst of all Ratearl was put down without me knowing. He was just taken away.

I never got to say goodbye...
goodbye my big bay boy... love u always

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Jul 25, 2013
Aw :(
by: Anonymous

Why was he put down???

And please use correct spelling instead of 'cuz' and 'u'.

Jul 25, 2013
Sorry for your loss
by: Bandi

I know how you feel. losing a horse you have become very close to and one that helped you overcome many things is like losing more than a best friend. I still today feel like I have a horse that breaths in my soul that got killed many years ago. his memories are like gold in my mind and the moments and time I will never forget that I spent with him. But every horse that has been since him its like he still exist within them and now I am just very appreciative for what he taught me in the time we had together. keep in mind that your horses spirit never dies. Your horse will always be with you.

Jul 31, 2013
Goodbyes hurt
by: Anonymous

That's really sad to hear :( I used to have a blue roan when I was very young. Then one day, a trailer showed up and took him away. I never got to say goodbye. Then, I moved and I was all alone with no friends. It hurts when that kind of stuff happens....

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