by Abbie and Heidi :D <3

I buried my face in my gloves away from the heavy snow that surrounded me. I heard a small coo from the torrents. I looked up to see a little pigeon staring towards the pasture. I also looked over there, only to see Magic. That was last year. Now it's time for the pony games on Magic. It was an early Saturday morning when I loaded up Magic in my pony club jumper and cream johds.

Once we arrived I unloaded Magic to only be greated by Bailey. "Hey Emma! Hey Magic! So what classes are you doing today?" asked Bailey. "Um just the games I think." I replied. "Oh good me to! I'll just go fetch Woody." Then it all happened to fast. Woody nibbled at his rope and bolted out on the road. I threw myself on Magic and followed Woody out to the road. Me and Magic rounded Woody up and Bailey caught him. I heard a squeal of breaks, Magic reared, I fell and all I heard was a shrill whinny and then it all went blank.

I woke in the hospital and the first thing I said was "Mum where's Magic is he okay?" "Um no honey Magic's... Magic's dead sweetie." "No!" I was realeased the next day and I went to the stables to be greated by Aiden. Aiden was tall,blue eyed and curly haired. "Hey Emma. Meet Fire. She's and Arab mare with one hot temper. I need help training her so... could some girl um maybe called Emma help me?" Aiden made a puppy face. "Well I dunno Aiden I mean..." she was cut short "Lokk Emma, if you dont get back on a horse soon you never will okay?" "Well okay. When do we start?" "Yes I knew it! Uh just after Glee." "Aiden your obsessed with that show!" and I hurried off. "Oh Emma I'm so sorry! It was all my fault! It should have got Woody a new rope. I was so stupid leaving him unattended! I wish I-" "It wasn't! Look you didnt know that would happen. Look I gotta go I need to help Aiden train a new mare. Her name's Fire." "Oh but it was my- wait WHAT!" "Look if I dont get back on a horse now I never will!" "Well I guess so but Magic only just died and don't you think its too soon?" "Well maybe but I still have to. Its now or never." and I ran off to meet Aiden.

Aiden was waiting in the arena when I arrived. The mare was a beauty. Aiden said the had great bloodlines and has an amazing jump. "Right now lets get her going. First of all take her to trot and work on your diagionals. Then when your ready go for a canter." Fire sure was good and that hour was the happiest I felt since Magic died. "Hey Aiden can I take Fire on a hack?" "Sure go ahead." I cantered like there was no towmorrow. I slowed down to trot when I seen a chestnut figure in front. There was no rider and no tack. His head turned when I noticed who he was. Magic. I dismounted fire and ran to him and threw my arms around him. He will always be with me!

This is made up.

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Nov 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sorry, but this is taken from Pony Club Secrets book 1 and it's actually published so next time do it on your own.

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